From Iceland — Low Roar (IS/US)

Low Roar (IS/US)

Low Roar (IS/US)

Published September 13, 2013

Low Roar is a response to the unknown; a portrait of those life-altering moments stained with equal parts of hope and melancholy. Low Roar began as Ryan Karazija’s solo project but today the band has grown into a duo as drummer/keyboardist Logi Guðmundsson has joined Ryan in making Low Roar’s sound richer, something else – bringing beat, and free flowing feelings.
This year the duo have been busy recording the follow-up to Low Roar’s self-titled album released in 2011 by Tonequake worldwide. The album was released to great critical praise as the twelve song debut chronicles the challenges of starting anew in a foreign land and is an honest depiction of the struggles to acclimate, find work, and the feeling of loneliness after a move from San Francisco, California to Iceland. The debut’s opening lyrics ‘I won’t wake a wealthy man someday, cause the sun don’t follow me’ begin to tell Low Roar’s story back then, what will 2013 bring?
The new album will be something different but still very passionate and fascinating for its sound and feeling. One thing is for certain, it will take the listener on an emotional journey. Today Low Roar is more electronic and sonically adventurous then the first time around. Songs are filled with ache, beauty and haunting melodies. This is music that will leave no one untouched; simple classic arrangements of minimalistic electro-pop or mesmerizing beautiful folk-songs combining elements of post punk with minimalist tones and drones of new ideas meeting old ones.

November 1, 2013
20:50 Iðnó

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