From Iceland — The Xenophobes Guide To The Icelanders

The Xenophobes Guide To The Icelanders

Published September 4, 2008

The Xenophobes Guide To The Icelanders

Xenophobia is the irrational fear of foreigners or foreign places, and
the Xenophobes guides are self described as an ‘irreverent look at the
benefits and foibles of nations – almost guaranteed to cure
Xenophobia.’ So what better country to cure this problem than Iceland?
A place where there are more open spaces and foreigners than most. More
of a guide to Icelanders then a travel guide (which you may be more
concerned about), this cute little pamphlet tells you more about
Iceland than the internet ever could. This guide is about Icelandic
culture, including chapters on manners, eating and drinking, defining
the essence of an Icelandic insult, and probably the most useful of
all, ‘the Icelandic sense of humour’ (as well as the Icelandic stance
on placing condom machines in public places). It’s a must read, and a
good bit of fun if you are new to the country or otherwise, and it’s at
least worth putting in your bathroom.

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