From Iceland — Experience This Amazing Living Artwork, While You Still Can

Experience This Amazing Living Artwork, While You Still Can

Published May 31, 2016

Experience This Amazing Living Artwork, While You Still Can
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Courtesy of Phoenix

“Phoenix – Reykjavík Edition” is an interactive theatre/live-art crossover experience, in which participants walk, one at a time and eight minutes apart, along a planned trail through a little-used harbour area just outside of downtown Reykjavík.

Along the way, participants wear a GPS-enabled headset that’s triggered as they pass through certain zones, playing atmospheric music—kind of like a film score for the experience you’re having—and telling a surreal, meditative story.

Occasionally, a stop is reached, and actors guide people through an experience of some kind. Without wishing to spoil the surprises—not knowing what to expect is a big part of the adventure—these encounters include all kind of sensory cues, making for an intimate experience that’s in turn relaxing, disconcerting and surreal.

Much entertainment is about escapism—that is, taking people out of the everyday world. What “Phoenix” does differently is to invite people to escape into it. Following the trail of white stones and not knowing what lies around the next corner creates a sense of anticipation and excitement. Everything becomes interesting—as the mind relaxes into a gently focussed state, small details spring to life, and the harbour area becomes a living stage for this wonderful, odd, immersive play.

Pheonix is only running for a few more days—book your place here.

You can also read an interview the creators of the project, published in our Reykjavík Arts Festival special.

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