From Iceland — Meat Joy! Meet Carolee Schneemann, Sequences VII Honorary Artist

Meat Joy! Meet Carolee Schneemann, Sequences VII Honorary Artist

Published April 1, 2015

Meat Joy! Meet Carolee Schneemann, Sequences VII Honorary Artist
Photo by
Barbara Yoshida

The honorary artist of Sequences VII is ground breaking multi disciplinary artist Carolee Schneemann (b.1939) who transformed the definition of art, especially discourse on the body, sexuality, and gender. The history of her work is characterized by research into archaic visual traditions, pleasure wrested from suppressive taboos, the body of the artist in dynamic relationship with the social body. One of the artists highly acclaimed pieces is the silent film Fuses (1965) consisting of collaged and painted sequences of lovemaking between Schneemann and her then partner, composer James Tenney; observed by the cat, Kitch.

”…I wanted to see if the experience of what I saw would have any correspondence to what I felt– the intimacy of the lovemaking… And I wanted to put into that materiality of film the energies of the body, so that the film itself dissolves and recombines and is transparent and dense– as one feels during lovemaking… It is different from any pornographic work that you’ve ever seen– that’s why people are still looking at it! And there’s no objectification or fetishization of the woman.”

Carolee Schneemann about Fuses:

Meat Joy (1964) has the character of an erotic rite and was first performed as part of the First Festival of Free Expression at the American Center in Paris.

Sequences VII is very excited to announce that a selection of Carolee Schneemann’s work will be exhibited at Kling & Bang Gallerí, on Hverfisgata 42, from April 10-19!

Let’s also introduce you to two more artists taking part in Sequences VII:

Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson (b.1984) is a storyteller, a performer, a dancer, an object maker, an illustrator. He has a love for the absurd and uses the written language as a genesis of his work. The written pieces are then adapted into live performances, often delivered as monologues, that activate objects, things and gestures. Styrmir will show his performance at Hótel Holt on Bergstaðastræti 37, Reykjavík.
Check out one of his previous performances.

Karaoke Police

Karaoke Police from Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson on Vimeo.

Helga Griffiths (b. 1959) has been working for over 20 years on the integration of various sensory stimuli into her “multi-sense” installations. Significant for Griffiths work is her way of taking sensory information received through one sense, for example sight or sound, and transforming it into another, such as odour, in order to communicate with the percipient and challenge the conventional boundaries of perception.

Griffiths will be exhibiting at Hverfisgallerí on Hverfisgata 4.

Please visit Sequences website at for more information about Sequences VII!

The accompanying photo is entitled Vulva’s School, by Barbara Yoshida. Courtesy of the Artist.

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