From Iceland — Kitty Von Sometime Plans To Strike Again!

Kitty Von Sometime Plans To Strike Again!

Kitty Von Sometime Plans To Strike Again!

Published January 21, 2011

The Weird Girls Project Continues

The Weird Girls Project Continues

The Weird Girls Project 1Kitty Von Sometime, the concept artist behind The Weird Girls Project, has ambitious plans for the coming year including three new video shoots in the next four months alone. The Weird Girls Project has been operating since early 2007 and has released 11 episodes plus one special. These episodes are music videos involving an ever-evolving group of largely Icelandic women of various ages, shapes and sizes who come together in performance art pieces that they know almost nothing about prior to shooting-day.

The Weird Girls Project 2Since the release of their first episode, Neon Fame, which featured Felix the Housecat’s track ‘Money, Success, Fame, Glamour,’ The Weird Girls Project has developed into a bonafide music video production team with numerous contributing professionals and artists. They have produced official videos for Ghost Digital (Hovering Hoover Skater), Emiliana Torrini (Winter Mermaids), and Gus Gus (Hateful). More recently, they explored female nudity in Secret Garden, a video that accompanies Ólöf Arnald’s ‘Tunglið.’ Despite her growing success and fame, Kitty Von Sometime has not forsaken her taste for neon colours, spandex, synchronicity, gothic glamour and electronic music. And her videos continue to enchant the viewer with their beauty and humour regardless of their pre-kreppaesque extravagance (see special episode filmed in Mexico).

The Weird Girls Project 3Although there is a spontaneous element to all the performances, The Weird Girls Project follows a specific set of rules. Each episode is planned for approximately three months, but the participants themselves know as little about the happening as possible, including the concept (always conceived by Kitty), location and costumes. By engaging ordinary women as opposed to professionals and enforcing an element of surprise, Kitty explores and attempts to overcome certain body consciousness issues.

The Weird Girls forthcoming three episodes include a video to be shot this Saturday, January 22, and will feature the music of Legend, a new duo formed by Krummi Björgvinsson and Halldór Björnsson. Moreover, they plan to get more political this year by collaborating with UNIFEM/UN Women and Imogen Heap in her Love the Earth project.

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