From Iceland — Artists At Work // The Icelandic Love Corporation

Artists At Work // The Icelandic Love Corporation

Published August 13, 2010

Artists At Work // The Icelandic Love Corporation

“How life evolves, how human life is created and how children are born. Where we come from, and where we are going. These are all very large questions, but the material that links them all in our current project is nylon. Nylon stockings to be exact.”
Over the phone, The Icelandic Love Corporation’s Sigrún Hrólfsdóttir explains what the three woman artist collective is currently pondering and investigating. Her words are a good reminder why the performance art collective has maintained a constant and fruitful presence on the Icelandic arts scene ever since forming in 1996, why Grapevine is intensely thankful for having them around, and why we get all excited when we learn they have a new performance in the works.
The group consists of Sigrún along with Eirún Sigurðardóttir and Jóní Jónsdóttir. They create performances, the lasting by-products of which include installations, sculptures, prints, textiles, photographs and videos.
“The nylon stocking represents a metaphysical idea of an object that is both incredibly feminine and at the same time the product of complicated scientific processes and years of research. Nylon stockings are a scientific wonder that man created to both imitate and improve upon human flesh, an engineered replica of what the silkworm makes on his own. The idea of the nylon stocking embodies opposites and contrasts like nature vs. civilisation, all sorts of ideas and thoughts.”
Their reflections on life, the universe and nylon will be premiered at a show they call TIGHT on August 19, at the Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki, Finland. Those that cannot make it over will still be able to take in their reflections, as the show and performance will be accompanied by a lush catalogue that will certainly make its way around. Furthermore, Sigrún tells me they hope to bring TIGHT to Iceland at some point.
Those who cannot wait to experience The Icelandic Love Corporation and their art can then attend a show at the Hafnarborg gallery in Hafnarfjörður, where they will be displaying a video piece entitled ‘Dynasty’. Their web-site,  is also chock-full of niceties, and Sigrún tells us that if folks are really, really interested in partaking in the ILC experience, they might try and arrange for a visit to their studio.
Thank you for being around, Icelandic Love Corporation. 

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