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Documenting Icelandic Culture

Published July 2, 2008

A new book on arts and culture in the nations capitol

Documenting Icelandic Culture
Photo by
Charlie Strand

A new book on arts and culture in the nations capitol

After two years on the making, Project: Iceland, a new book by the English fashion and music photographer Charlie Strand, featuring the cutting-edge in Icelandic music, art and fashion today has finally been released. The book includes interviews and detailed bios of fifty artists with full-colour photos of the artists and their work as well as a 16-track audio CD.

“It’s very much about promoting the artists,” said Strand “Iceland has so much new talent these days, I think it deserves it… I came here and I was so amazed. It just begged to be made.” With the book scheduled for worldwide release later this month, the international community can find a better opportunity to discover the creative force Iceland is fast becoming. The book covers familiar giants such as Sigur Rós, múm, Helicopter and Riceboy Sleeps as well as younger artists yet on the rise. No matter what their successes, they can all celebrate a newfound global attention in their inclusion in this book.

This is not to say that every important creative figure in Iceland is here. The book focuses on artists whose work manages to remain exciting and stirring in print. “It’s definitely been curated,” says Strand. “I chose these artists based on sort of a dynamism, a readiness to almost jump off the page, they really grab your attention. Not everyone is here, by any means.”

Strand, trained as a stylist in London, came upon photography in documentation of his own works, and quickly moved beyond his education into the world of fashion and music photography. This is the first book of his work. “No one is going to give a damn about the next one,” Strand jokes, “But people have been so supportive. It’s great.”

The book, though created by Strand as well as featuring many of his photographs, is a collaborative effort of many photographers, designers and artists, representing several years worth of hard work and research. “It’s been stressful, but I think we’re all proud of how it came out.”

The book is available in major bookstores throughout Reykjavik for 4.990 ISK, and its release in Europe, Asia and Australia is scheduled later this month. The US release is scheduled in August.

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