From Iceland — Nýhil Poetry in the Grapevine:

Nýhil Poetry in the Grapevine:

Published October 6, 2006

Nýhil Poetry in the Grapevine:

And Then the Night Came

The wood filled with creatures that sang with faded voice and flitted.
As the warm breeze they surrounded me, filling me with such gladness
that I fell to nothing in peace and slowly ran away like water.

It was fine watching them move. They watched each other’s eyes
like fish in the green calmness of the core, and gave to him images;
a beautiful flower, a little stone that felt right in the palm.

The bleeding trees drank into themselves . . .

And there a girl lies hidden, her eyes closed!
Yes, all’s fine while she sleeps on soundly
so like the soil.

I covered myself with a blanket, hoping she would not see me.
But through a tear in the cloth I peered and saw.

I heard how you changed your voice while you sang
for the crawling worms, and whispered words into the hole
so they all came up covered in blood.

“How much I would like to be the wind,” she finally said
out loud through the air and vanished between the trees.

The wind and I.

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