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Grapevine Events: Eydís Evensen, Sæunn Þorsteinsdóttir And Clown Core

Published February 23, 2023

Grapevine Events: Eydís Evensen, Sæunn Þorsteinsdóttir And Clown Core
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Eídis Evensen

Are you ready for another wild ride through the weekend? Or maybe you want a chill one. Or perhaps you’re feeling more somber and pensive. Whatever your mood, we’ve got you covered for the coming days. From a night full of glitchy zoomer computer sounds, a guided journey through the world of Ukrainian artists, two chances to catch some transcendent classical music, plus a bunch of punks taking over a record shop. Also: clowns. Musical clowns.

Kraumur Series: Ronja & Kraftgalli
Thursday February 23 — 20:00 — Mengi — 2.500 ISK

Every year, Aurora Foundation bestows a number of musical artists with the Kraumsverðlaun. Highlighting the talent of last year’s winners, they teamed up with Mengi to curate live sessions with the celebrated artists. Kraftgalli, a veteran of the music scene, and Ronja, a relative newcomer, will fill Mengi with swirling dance bops, glitchy ambience and other sounds that’ll make you want to sell your guitar. JB

HOW DID I GET TO THE BOMBSHELTER: Guided Tour with Curator
Friday February 24 — 16:30 — Nordic House — Free

This Friday marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. When war breaks out, art and culture are inherently attacked. This multidisciplinary group exhibition features seven contemporary Ukrainian artists, all dealing with the life-altering experience of war and hopeful for a peaceful future. Curator Yulia Sapiga will take you through the exhibition on the origins of the works and their significance, as well as the importance of the artist’s voice in times of conflict. RX

Eydís Evensen
Friday February 24 — 20:00 — Hannesarholt — 3.990 ISK

After a successful debut album and performances across Europe, including at the Royal Albert Hall and the ARTE Concert Festival in Paris, the talented Eydís Evensen makes one more pit stop back home in Iceland. The intimate piano concert promises to transform an average Friday night onto one in which emotions are running high. So quickly grab some tissues and order those tickets now for an experience not to be missed. GVDM 

Tófa & Kjartan Holm
Saturday February 25 — 18:30 — 12 Tónar — Free

Tófa is hungry for a show. And to be honest, we are too, seeing as the band hasn’t performed live for a few years. Tófa brings loud guitars and a punk attitude. We can expect material fresher than ever before gracing the wooden floors of 12 Tónar. Onboard is composer Kjartan Holm, who will perform a solo set at the show. Bringing ambient sounds, Kjartan’s music is sure to make your brain tingle. Members of both acts will then play a DJ set until Einar decides to kick everyone out. JB

Clown Core
Saturday February 25 — 20:00 — Hljómahöll — 5.900 ISK

Clowns: very controversial. Whether one falls under the “IT”-traumatised clown-fearers, or they’ve embraced the current clown-cringe memes, pretty much everyone has strong feelings on these guys. I guess that’s the hook for American musical duo Clown Core, comprised of drummer Louis Cole and an unknown saxophonist. With critics having described the project as “genre-defying” and “a masterpiece of modern art”, we really can’t tell you exactly what to expect, but how could we not send you there. It’s CLOWN CORE. RX

Sæunn Þorsteinsdóttir: Solo Recital
Sunday February 26 — 16:00 — Harpa Norðurljós — 3.900 ISK

Treat yourself to some Sunday classics! Having played sold-out shows at world’s most famous arenas, including Carnegie Hall, Sæunn Þorsteinsdóttir is back in Iceland with a solo recital at Harpa. The concert will consist of Three Suites for Solo Cello by Johann Sebastian Bach and two contemporary works inspired by Bach’s Suites. Sæunn’s recital is a part of the Iceland Symphony’s Black series where the artist is now a resident. IZ

Karaoke Night at Gaukurinn
Tuesday February 28 — 20:00 — Gaukurinn — Free

Well folks, we did it: we made it to the end of February! Time to say “GOOD RIDDANCE” by singing your heart out! It’s been a real weather and mood rollercoaster up in here (lots of storms and tears) but we’re going strong, making our karaoke pick “I Still Believe” by Tim Cappello (aka the original sexy sax guy.) Maybe you need to get some rage out at the neverending winter, maybe you wanna go for Pisces season vibes and get real emo, maybe you’re primed for spring and feeling bouncy: grab that mic and make it count! RX

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