From Iceland — Practical Icelandic: Berry Picking (Berjamó)

Photo by
Art Bicnick

Berry picking is a traditional late-summer activity in Iceland. Here are all the words and phrases you need to know in order to take part in this fun tradition!

Berjamó – Berry picking, literally ‘berry moor’
Frábært veður! – Great weather
Bláber – Blueberry
Krækiber Crowberry, literally ‘hook-berry’
Hrútaber – Rubus saxatilis, Stone bramble, literally ‘ramsberry’
Skollareipi – Berry stem, literally devil’s/boogeyman’s-rope’
Tröllareipi – Berry stem, literally ‘troll’s-rope’

Please be careful when foraging for berries or other edible plants, do not consume anything that you are not confident about identifying!

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