From Iceland — Two Girls vs 58 Bollur - Reykjavik's Best Bollur

Two Girls vs 58 Bollur – Reykjavik’s Best Bollur

Published February 15, 2021

Two Girls vs 58 Bollur – Reykjavik’s Best Bollur
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It’s Bollurdagur! The only day of the year where stuffing your face with dough balls is completely acceptable.

It’s an important day for many Icelandic people who get to spend time with their families either baking the balls themselves or visiting bakeries to get their fix.

Our resident food expert who writes for the Grapevine, Shruthi Basappa, and her close friend took it upon themselves to go around Reykjavik to find the best bollur! In just two days, they taste tested 58 bollur between them and decided which is the best bakery Reykjavik to buy bollur.

Wait, what’s Bollurdagur?

Bollurdagur is a traditional Christian fesetival in many Scando-Nordic countries that made its way to Iceland during the 19th Century. It’s an important day in the lead up to Easter.

It is believed that bakers from countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway brought the tradition with them when settling in Iceland.

So, the bollur… What were they graded on?

Shruthi tells the Grapevine that “We were very thorough, as one should be when wading waters of deliciousness.

Our strategy was to rank the bollas based on dough type – choux pastry or pate au  choux (vatnsdeigs), butter based (smjördeigs), yeasted dough (geirdeigs) and the deep fried dough; type of filling – cream, custard, jam, chocolate (these are traditional) and any other.

“We were very thorough, as one should be when wading waters of deliciousness.”

We also ranked bollas for their innovation quotient, quality, value for money, presentation and most importantly the harmony and balance between all these factors.

We learnt that proportions are crucial, balance of flavours essential (why mix a fruit jam with After 8?, should you?).”

Who tops the list of best bollur?

The top three best bakeries to buy bollur, according to Shruthi are Deig, Sandholt and Brauð og Co.

The Deig bollur in all it’s glory. Photo credit – Hannah Jane Cohen

We at the Grapevine can confirm that the Deig bollur is exceptionally special; the perfect blend of deep fried dough, cream and chocolate goodness.

And the worst three?

Shruthi tells us that their bottom three bollur were Passion, Ikea and Röff. Sorry Sweden; IKEA may be good at cheap furniture but they lack when it comes to tasty treats.

Finally, the big question… Did you get a stomach ache after tasting them all?

“I think my bolla partner did feel queasy but 58 bollas in 2 days will do that to anyone. I confess I did eat 2 bollas today so I guess one can never be sick of a good bolla!” says Shruthi.

We at the Grapevine all hope that you enjoyed Bollurdagur and that everyone got their fair (and unfair) share of the delicious bollur!

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