From Iceland — Brunch, Darts & The CeaseTone Studio: Hafsteinn Þráinsson's Perfect Day

Brunch, Darts & The CeaseTone Studio: Hafsteinn Þráinsson’s Perfect Day

Published February 15, 2021

Brunch, Darts & The CeaseTone Studio: Hafsteinn Þráinsson’s Perfect Day
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Hafsteinn Þráinsson, a.k.a. CeaseTone, creates the type of cinematic indie music that just makes you feel all the feelings at once. He is also—and pardon our French—a damn good singer. CeaseTone just dropped a new track, “Continents,” which you absolutely must check out (after reading this article, of course). Here’s his perfect day in the city.


My perfect day has a lot to do with all the right pieces coming together. I’d first wake up as early as possible and do some work from home until 11:00. Then I’d bike to Seltjarneslaug. I live in Vesturbær by the ocean, so I’d bike to the ocean first and then head to the pool. I don’t have a car, I bike everywhere all year round. But I’d go to the pool and gym between 11:00 to 12:30.


My studio is in Grandi so I’d bike there after, but I’d stop at The Coocoo’s Nest on the way. That’s my hangout in Grandi. I know a lot of people who work there and it just has the best vibe and the best food. I’d get brunch there if they would serve brunch every day, but right now it’s only on Sundays. So, on my Perfect Day, they’d be selling brunch every day.

I’d get to the studio around 13:00. When I’m working, I prefer to mix a whole track or write a whole song—something complete. I’d try to finish around 17:00 or 18:00. In reality, I’d probably be done way later but this is my Perfect Day, so let’s say 18:00.


CeaseTone. Photo by Art Bicnick


Next I’d head for dinner at Hi Noodle. Ramen is my favourite thing in the world.

After that, I’d meet up with some friends at Skúli Craft Bar because they have a dartboard and nice beer. So I’d have some nice beer, engage in deep conversation with some friends, and throw some darts.

In the heat of the night

If there wasn’t COVID, I’d just see where the night would take me after that. Maybe I’d go to the old Húrra (RIP)—on my Perfect Day, it’d still be open. But let’s just say there’s some new music venue opening up and I go and see some amazing local acts that I’ve never seen before. Something new and undiscovered. In such a small place, that’s always the most fun night.


Ceasetone. Photo by Art Bicnick

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