Grapevine Playlist: Brikcs, Atli Örvarsson, Kiriyama Family And More

Grapevine Playlist: Brikcs, Atli Örvarsson, Kiriyama Family And More

Grapevine Playlist: Brikcs, Atli Örvarsson, Kiriyama Family And More

Published July 17, 2020

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This month, we discovered ambient music that haunts our dreams. We also learned that Emo is still alive and well, and that Icelandic pop is still the best pop (we’re not biased or anything).


Here is a nice bit of ambient music, set to a very strange video. What’s happening? Some kind of dream sequence set in the cold war? I’ve watched it three times and I still don’t know, but I want to watch it again. SPO

Emilia Anna – Broken Bodies

The spiritual successor to “Dare To” by the same artist, this track bumps with a heavy bass and a melody that is eerily familiar. It’s like when you get into an argument with someone right before you go dancing, and even through the loud music, you can’t stop thinking about what they said. SPO

Atli Örvarsson – You Are Here

Atli has already proven that he can do soundtracks. But his music can not only be heard in such cinematic masterpieces as this year’s ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.’ Now he’s also making his own original music. His album “You Are Here” just came out and…well okay it still sounds a lot like a movie soundtrack. But hey, it makes for a nice and dramatic background score for your daydreams. CM

Jónsi & Gyða Valtýsdóttir – Evol Lamina

This is some spooky stuff. The eerie vocals, the heavy breathing, the sublime distortion: perfection. GOOSEBUMPS, I tell you, goosebumps. If there’s no secret message when this track is played backwards I’m suing. Anyone else suddenly convinced that a Jónsi ASMR track is what the world needs right now? Just me. Cool cool. PA

Brikcs – Your Message

EMO NEVER DIED, BABY! Imagine if Dashboard Confessional and AFI collaborated on an acoustic b-side—it would be “Your Message” by Brikcs. We needed those emo throwback vocals because tbh, listening to “Jesus Christ” by Brand New on repeat was getting old. Brikcs, I’m living. But I’m also dying. HJC

Kiriyama Family – Every Time You Go

This is pop done right. This groovy cinquet has produced a polished single with this one, and it is a banger. Hulda’s emotive, plaintive, pining vocals will stick in your head for days, and that sweet piano solo in the middle is a burst of raw, acoustic energy that is so welcome in a wave of synths and electric bass. Not to mention, the video is a spectacular bit of work with mirrors and lights. SPO


Cute. Very cute. The song has this happy-go-lucky foot-tapping energy to it and a bit of a holiday vibe. Kind of fitting as the video more or less portrays the classic Icelandic road trip experience. Definitely put that on your playlist when you’re heading out to the Icelandic countryside or driving along the coastline (see what I did there?). CM

Jökull Logi – Stokkseyri

Jökull Logi describes himself as a jazz hip-hop beatmaker and producer but we prefer to refer to him as the musical embodiment of “far out man”. It doesn’t get more chilled than this. Sit back and relax, you literally have no other option. PA

Fjara – Lucky

Turn this on and let your cares melt away. This instrumental guitar ditty coupled with a friendly drum beat in standard 4/4 time and a bass line that is almost unnoticeable is perfect for a walk in the sun. And if there is no sun, this song is so happy, you won’t even notice. SPO

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