From Iceland — Making Of An Artist: Agatha P. Talks Vala Matt, Valkyries, And Beauty Vloggers

Making Of An Artist: Agatha P. Talks Vala Matt, Valkyries, And Beauty Vloggers

Making Of An Artist: Agatha P. Talks Vala Matt, Valkyries, And Beauty Vloggers

Published January 10, 2020

Agatha P.—yes, it’s pronounced like you’d think, and yes, it’s genius—is one of Iceland’s most beloved drag queens. Created by the lovely dancer Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon, Agatha is a kooky, silly, sexy, and oddly flexible character known for her bizarre sense of humour and contemporary dance skills. But hold up: Agatha is no bimbo, she’s also a regular correspondent for the Stóru Málin and co-created the hit show ‘Memoirs Of A Valkyrie,’ which will have its final performance at Tjarnarbíó on January 10th. Here’s what makes Agatha..well…P.

There is something so incredibly magical in Sia’s music. And her voice! Omg, she sings in the frequency that stirs everything up inside of me—her music inspires, drives and turns on the waterworks. Waterproof mascara recommended. I also love the fact that she places a young contemporary dancer in the foreground of all her performances. Maddie Ziegler embodies Sia’s music in such a raw, poetic way. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Vala Matt
Vala Matt is a national treasure. I grew up watching her on Stöð 2 and I’ve always had great admiration and respect for her. She is creative, chic, very glamorous, and on the screen she always comes across as a lively yet incredibly warm persona who shows so much interest in people and their stories. She was a huge inspiration for me when I created my on-screen character, serious anchorwoman Agatha P.

I can watch makeup tutorials for days and one of my all-time favourite beauty vloggers is NikkieTutorials. She’s a Dutch girl bursting with energy and love for makeup, plus she is just so damn likeable. I love trying out new things in makeup but I find myself drawn to bright colours that pop out, sparkles, and GLITTER. My favourite brand by far is Sugarpill. They make high pigmented colourful palettes that are cruelty-free and the majority of their products are vegan.

I have a very vivid imagination and I love seeking inspiration from cartoons. The animated world is such an amazing place without boundaries. The imagination gets to run free and challenge the laws of nature. I always strive ways to take this into performances and push the boundaries of what is “doable” on stage. If Elsa can make it snow with her frozen fingers, I must be able to find ways to do it too.

agatha p

Photo by Art Bicnick

Contemporary Dance
Contemporary Dance is objectively the best form of dance and definitely a life-changing factor for me. Being a professional dancer is maybe somewhat of a poorly paid profession but it’s a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. I’ve toured the world, worked with amazing artists, and made beautiful life-long friendships. One of my wonderful friends from dance even ventured on the journey into the world of drag with me.

Wagner ‘Valkyries’
I love opera! It combines everything I adore. Glamorous divas, over the top makeup and costumes, and beautifully overacted melodrama. I have a freakishly soft spot for the theatrical and my adoration of this art form brought me to create a drag theatre performance based on Wagner’s Valkyries. Four drag queens in full armour riding on inflatable horses—what could go wrong? Come see us in Tjarnarbíó on January 10th. #shamelessplug.

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