From Iceland — The Matrix, Hummus, And Pancakes: Einar Stef's Perfect Day

The Matrix, Hummus, And Pancakes: Einar Stef’s Perfect Day

Published October 29, 2019

The Matrix, Hummus, And Pancakes: Einar Stef’s Perfect Day
Sam O'Donnell
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Art Bicnick

Einar Stef is the drummer for electronic metal band, Hatari. In a rare moment, he speaks, and shares with us what a perfect day for him would look like.

I would wake up quite early after a perfect sleep. I say early because I’m a very type B person, but I would really like to be type A. I would wake up my daughter, who is nearly 2, and together with my girlfriend we would make some oatmeal banana pancakes.

Then we’d go to the swimming pool, Sundhöllin, because they have a nice play area for children. The weather would be fantastic, so we would spend some quality time outdoors in the children’s pool, and in the hot and cold tubs.

I would drop my daughter off at her kindergarten and go to my studio where I would be super productive and get a bunch of work done. Then I would go for lunch at Mandi and get the perfect falafel wrap, maybe with some extra hummus.

Late afternoon
After lunch, I would go get some coffee with friends at Reykjavík Roasters. Then I would have a walk downtown in the beautiful weather and pick up my daughter from her kindergarten on the way. We would go to the playground together, and after lots of time on the swingset, we would go to her grandparents’ house where I would drop her off.

einar stef

I would catch a movie marathon at Bíó Paradís. It’s ‘The Matrix Trilogy,’ of course. I would get a big bucket of popcorn and a SodaDream, because in a perfect world they offer SodaDream in Bíó Paradís. Then, after the movies, despite only consuming things all day, I am still hungry, so it’s time for dinner. So I go to Hverfisgata 12, which never closed, and I get the potato and truffle pizza and it’s the best version of itself that it has ever been.

After dinner, I would pop into Húrra, which on my perfect day, never closed down, and Radiohead are doing a surprise gig. After the concert, my friends and I would stroll the few remaining non-gentrified bars still in Reykjavík. Then I would go home to my sweet bed and get another night of perfect sleep.

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