From Iceland — TV Goddess: Criminal UK And The Creature Of Comfort

TV Goddess: Criminal UK And The Creature Of Comfort

TV Goddess: Criminal UK And The Creature Of Comfort

Published October 17, 2019

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Criminal is a twelve episode international Netflix series. It’s set in four European countries: Germany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom and all of the episodes share the same limited setting—an interrogation room, an observation room and the hallway at a police station.

The series is filmed in Netflix’s first European production hub which is located in Spain. The show relies heavily on the cast and script since the dynamics between the person being interrogated and the police officers doing the questioning are the main focus. The incredible thing is that even though you never leave the police station you still get the feeling you’ve been to the places the people are describing.

The set designer that’s already located in your head does the work and it’s very rewarding and visual. I’m probably stating the obvious but you kind of see the crime scenes in the back of your head instead of having them handed to you by a team of professional set designers and actors. It’s a feeling I don’t usually associate with watching TV, it feels more like reading a book or watching a play. It probably helps that the actors are incredibly good and believable.

Now just to be clear, I’ve only seen the UK version and, sadly, it’s just three episodes. I’m already worried that I’m going to dislike the other versions, but I’m still going to give them a chance. I’m sorry for my prejudices, but I usually only watch British, American or Scandinavian TV and I’m a creature of comfort. I get edgy when Germans try to be funny and French drama makes me nervous and agitated. That being said, I really like the idea of this European partnership. It’s professional, practical and well made or almost the exact opposite of what Brexit sounds like. Yes, I also have prejudice against Brexit.

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