From Iceland — Perfect Day: Miss Gala Noir, The Queen Of Iceland

Perfect Day: Miss Gala Noir, The Queen Of Iceland

Published August 30, 2019

Perfect Day: Miss Gala Noir, The Queen Of Iceland
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Monika Konarzewska

Miss Gala Noir, the Drag Queen of Iceland 2019, rules with a fabulous fist. The Polish-born, Reykjavík-based performer is the first BioQueen ever to win a title in the Icelandic drag competition and here, tells us about her perfect day in the city.

Hi baby. Here to learn about my perfect day? Oh darling, I have to disappoint because perfection is one of the things that teases me the most. Open your eyes to the risk of spending the day together. I am sure that, in the end, we will find our own messy definition of perfection.

The sun blinds me as I try to collect the thoughts that have gone off in a million directions over the course of the night. Ah! Our coffee is ready. Do you want to join me on the balcony to contemplate our dreams in the warmth of the sun? Of course! Just grab my green smoothie and cigarettes. Now, we have everything we need.

Let me put on a dress and favourite pair of high heels for my Reykjavík Vintage Walk. We start at Hlemmur. While we are here, let’s grab a chai latte at Te & Kaffi. First, we head to Fatamarkaðurinn—they have amazing vintage stuff. The Icelandic Red Cross is nearby and we’ll check it out as well. Afterwards, we’ll take a walk along Laugavegur to Spúútnik.

gala noir

It’s already lunch time! Gló has amazing healthy food. I am feeling the delicious spinach lasagne and beetroot juice. Yaaaaas!

There are two last but definitely not least vintage shops. Gyllti Kötturinn is my favourite. New pair of leather gloves? Now you know where to find them! Our last spot is Hertex. While the sun is still up, let’s not waste the beautiful weather and have some coffee and creme brûlée! I am sorry, my darling, but I am going to ignore you for a moment. Afternoon coffee at Café Paris is where Salvador Dali and I have a conversation. In his diaries, I find weirdness so similar to mine.

Bíó Paradís is always good when I want to hide in the world of creation. I usually go there on my own, but you can join me. Tonight, they are playing a Polish movie called ‘Cold War.’

In the heat of the night
It was such a good movie! We need to celebrate love and wash off all romantic expectations with a shot of sambuca at Kiki Queer Bar! We blend into a group of strangers, close our eyes and let the beats fill our bodies. Did you ask how this night will end? My darling, something is telling me that it depends only on us.

Check out Gala Noir on Instagram here. Read more ‘Perfect Days’ here.

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