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Just Sayings: “Það er uppi á honum typpið”

Just Sayings: “Það er uppi á honum typpið”

Published July 8, 2019

Photos by
Art Bicnick

If you like sayings that sound sexual, but aren’t really, then the phrase “Það er uppi á honum typpið” is definitely for you. It literally translates to “It is up on his rod”—rod being a possible innuendo, if you catch my drift. My editor won’t allow other synonyms to be printed. The actual meaning of this saying is, “someone’s excited,” and it doesn’t exclude other genders even though the male pronoun ‘honum’ is more commonly used. People are still unsure why “typpið”—an innuendo—is used, though an Icelandic professor suggests it could be referencing when an animal or a bird raises their tail in excitement. We decline to comment, though we are up on our rod for the answer.

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