From Iceland — Happening This Week: Lords Of Chaos, BERG Contemporary & More!

Happening This Week: Lords Of Chaos, BERG Contemporary & More!

Published May 13, 2019

Happening This Week: Lords Of Chaos, BERG Contemporary & More!

Well, it’s currently raining cats and dogs, but we’re hopeful 15° weather is right around the corner. Live your best life with these not-to-miss events.

Monday, May 13th
Porcelain Souls
13:00-17:00, Until September 26th, Nordic House

Photographer Inuuteq Storch went through his parents’ archives and found photos and letters from their lives in Greenland and Denmark in the 1950s. The photographs alternate between magnificent pictures of Greenlandic landscape as well as portraits of friends and family. If you can’t catch the exhibit today, it’s open until September 26th, so you’ve got plenty of time.

Tuesday, May 14th
Louder Than Bombs
11:00 – 17:00, Until June 15th, BERG Contemporary

Silence both opens and closes a conversation. It creates lightness and darkness, envelopes and releases, leaving a path in its wake that irrepretely change those involved. In ‘Louder Than Bombs’ three artists—Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson, Heidi Lampenius, and Miikka Vaskola—engage with the theme of silence, tearing it down to its artistic core, exploring the nothingness and somethingness the word evokes. While all the works within the exhibition relate to each other, each was created individually, the effect being a conversation in which all three painters’ sentiments and beliefs exist in dialogue with the rest. In the end, they discovered a silence that is active, that is caring, that doesn’t suffocate, but embraces.

Wednesday, May 15th
Reykjavík Metalfest: ‘Lords Of Chaos’ Screening
20:00, Bíó Paradís, 1,600 ISK

Ah, look at all the pathetic black-clad wannabes running off to the new Mayhem film. Within the framework of this scene, this shit’s the latest thing—something new and oh-so-evil. What so very few of you seem to realise, though, is that this shit is no joke. Far to many of you haven’t questioned yourself nearly enough to even pretend to feel at home with this movie and the story of how True Norwegian Black Metal began. So take a good hard look at yourself, cause maybe ‘Lords of Chaos’ isn’t really your thing. If you’re into the whole organised misanthropy thing, I suggest you go for shit like Dimmu Borgir. During this film detailing the origins of Euronymous, Dead, and Varg, they’ll will be playing music and making art just to destroy the minds of stupid kids with big allowances. Like you.

Thursday, May 16th
Harry Potter Pub Quiz
20:00, Stúdentakjallarinn, 1,000 ISK

How much do you think about Harry Potter? If the answer is not, “Always,” then stay away from this quiz like you’d stay away from Azkaban. Stúdentakjallarinn is hosting a Harry Potter pub quiz to raise money for the University Choir. Slytherin-side in your best costume and show the world you deserve to win the Triwizard Cup. RIP Fred.

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