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Fancies: Sunna Björk Ívarsdóttir

Fancies: Sunna Björk Ívarsdóttir

Published October 4, 2018

Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Fancies is a Grapevine series where we highlight an individual with supreme style. Our latest subject is Sunna Björk Ívarsdóttir (24), who is a manager at Kaffi Laugalækur.

today’s look


  • Fresh Jordans, barely worn
  • Schoolgirl pants from some site online
  • Nasty Gal harness
  • Belt I got when I was nine
  • Fashion Nova jacket
  • Adidas sweatshirt that I found on the street and customised
  • Dog collar
  • Tons of other jewellery

style q&a

Describe your style in 5 words: It’s yin and yang. One day, I’ll be comfy looking, like a pink schoolgirl Lolita-style, then the next I am in black with chains, skulls and fishnets. My style is yin and yang and also childish. I have Peter Pan syndrome. I don’t think I will ever grow up.

Favourite stores in Reykjavík: I don’t really shop here. I shop online or when I go abroad, but I like Fatamarkaðurinn near Hlemmur.

Favourite piece: Probably this jacket or this catsuit I got from Nasty Gal. It has chains instead of straps and zippers. I really love chains and other grungy looking stuff, like nets and lots of rings.

Least favourite trend: I am sorry to say, but I really don’t like the Spúútnik look right now. I’ve been shopping there since 2008 and they always had cool stuff but now—maybe it’s cause I don’t dress super trendy—I can’t find anything. They put something in and people always buy it but I don’t like the look. It also used to be really cheap and now it’s very expensive.

But I’m happy that people can have weirder style today. When I was younger, you could barely be yourself. If you wore something strange everyone would be like, “What the fuck?” But now strange is normal. I like that.

Lusting after: On every site I shop at, I always have a full cart to look at, and right now I want more from Fashion Nova. I also always want more teddy bags. But to be honest, I already have my dream closet, so right now I am just changing my clothes rather than buying new ones. I like to upgrade stuff, like I did with this top.

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