From Iceland — What Have We Won?: Overwatch Us Shine!

What Have We Won?: Overwatch Us Shine!

What Have We Won?: Overwatch Us Shine!

Published September 20, 2018

Hannah Jane Cohen
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There are two sentences which strike disappointment into the heart of all parents. “I really think my mixtape is gonna go viral,” is the first. Shudder! The second though, is even more jaw-droppingly horrific. Your child sits you down. “Hey Mom,” they say, quietly. “I’m dropping out of school to pursue a career as a professional gamer.” Oh my god!

Shoot them

Video games are like karaoke: Most people are sure they could be professional if they tried. But not everyone can be Britney Spears. Iceland though, has got their own Michael Bublé right on the island. Undeterred by the odds of his dreams becoming reality—“Never tell me the odds!” he probably said once—Finnbjörn Jónasson, username Finnsi, has brought pride to the nation with his Overwatch smiting.

Overwatch is a first person team shooter video game, which means you basically run around and shoot people—much like a troubled American, except with friends. Finnsi’s strength—according to many in the Competitive Overwatch subreddit—is in his Zarya. Zarya is a Russian bodybuilder chick with pink hair who carries around a cannon, so Finnsi is clearly carrying on Iceland’s strongman tradition. What a patriot!


Finnsi began playing professionally in 2017 and quickly started killing his competitors with gusto. His first big victory was at the Overwatch PIT Championship Season 1 in April, 2017, where Finnsi along with his team at the time, Movistar Riders, won first, claiming $6,750. From there, his star grew and in June, after joining famous team Los Angeles Valiant, Finnsi and his squad won second in the Overwatch League Inaugural Season, which netted them $200,000. In the months that followed, they won two other $100,000 pots. Take that Mom! You can make money from video games!

It was announced last week that unfortunately, Finnsi was leaving Los Angeles Valiant; a move we support, as Los Angeles has bad traffic and is full of awful people who pretend to like Jim Jarmusch. Get back here, Finn!

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