From Iceland — Happening Tonight: Prins Póló Album Release Concert!

Happening Tonight: Prins Póló Album Release Concert!

Happening Tonight: Prins Póló Album Release Concert!

Published April 27, 2018

Many Icelanders could be described as chocoholics. Nowadays we thirst for chocolate just as our ancestors thirsted for warm ale, pillaging and red meat. It is no surprise then that one of our nations favourite artists named himself after our nations favourite chocolate bar: Prince Polo.

Prins Póló, a.k.a. Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson, is a musician, farmer and entrepreneur who since releasing his first album back in 2010 has garnered a lot of attention on the Icelandic music scene. For reference, he was Grapevine’s Band Of 2014. An eclectic artist, he is known for mixing styles like lo-fi with acoustic guitar music with a dash of that melancholy feeling which defines the Icelandic experience. He is quite experimental, so you never really know what to expect from him, but you can bet that it will be really weird and totally awesome.

Prins Póló released his first album, entitled ‘JUKK’, in 2010 and since then has put out two more albums—’Sorrí’ and ‘París Norðursins’—the latter of which became a big hit in 2014. Today, he will be releasing his third album, ‘Þriðja kryddið’. ‘Þriðja kryddið’ translates to MSG, a common food additive which is used as a flavour enhancer. MSG is best known for being the primary ingredient in take-out Chinese food, though we cannot confirm the authenticity of that rumour. The title, though, is a kind of commentary on human behaviour and our materialistic desires and search for a quick and easy lifestyle.

To celebrate the release of the album he will be putting on a concert at Iðnó tonight. He’s well known for putting on strange and memorable shows and this one will surely be no exception. If that’s not enough, he will be joined by Árni Rúnar (Plúseinn) from FM Belfast, one of Iceland’s most upbeat and eccentric acts. So If you are thirsting for a delicious and experimental live performance, be there.

The show begins tonight at 21:30 at Iðnó. Tickets are 3.500 ISK and can be bought here. For more info on his new album, check out our in-depth article

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