From Iceland — Where Was It Shot: Cold Water

Where Was It Shot: Cold Water

Where Was It Shot: Cold Water

Published September 19, 2017

Jenna Mohammed
Photo by
Still from Cold Water

I feel a sense of national obligation to be somewhat of a Justin Bieber fan, considering the fact that he grew up in a small Canadian town near mine. However, since he made the music video for the song ‘Cold Water’ in Iceland , I’m unsure if I can ever forgive him.

Shot in the stunning Eldhraun lava field, this music video has caused more harm than good. ‘Cold Water’ rose up on the charts last year but it also tore down precious moss that takes a significant amount of time to grow. The video shows a group of dancers parading and stomping on the moss-covered land. Unfortunately, Eldhraun has already undergone a fair amount of abuse due to high levels of tourism in recent years. The lava field is considered to be one of Iceland’s most sensitive ecosystems. When moss has been damaged even in the slightest, it can take years to repair.

To be fair, the environmental damage caused by the filming of ‘Cold Water’ cannot entirely be pinned on Justin Bieber—although, considering his past, it’s hard not to blame him for anything that goes wrong. The dynamic trio, Major Lazer, recorded ‘Cold Water.’ Justin Bieber and Danish singer-songwriter, MØ, are featured artists on the track. It took 20 crewmembers, including Icelandic filmmaker Unnar Helgi Daníelsson Beck, to create the music video. So, why is it that only Justin Bieber gets all the heat from the controversy? I suppose it’s always easier to blame the reckless kid who was caught urinating in a bucket.

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