From Iceland — Match Review: Now THAT'S What I Call Smiting—Iceland Go Through

Match Review: Now THAT’S What I Call Smiting—Iceland Go Through

Published June 23, 2016

Match Review: Now THAT’S What I Call Smiting—Iceland Go Through

So: one full day after Iceland’s dramatic, nerve-wracking, mind-blowing, last-gasp victory against the bravely battling Austrian side yesterday, our hands have finally stopped shaking for long enough to write a recap.

Here’s our blow-by-blow account of what went down.

The tone was set.

Was there an omen in the pattern in this temporary tattoo?

Drums. Drums in the deep.

The calm before the storm had nerves jangling…

The mighty Icelandic captain, Aron Gunnarsson, almost preemptively felled his counterpart.


Within moments, a long-range Iceland shot rattled the Austrian crossbar.

Birkir galloped forth like a herd of Icelandic horses.

We seemed to be winning the ball easily…

Hannes, uhm… “pretended” to fumble the ball at the feet of an attacker.

Rumours abound…

And then it happened. A mighty Gunnarsson throw led to an ICELAND GOAL!

Coincidentally, the Austrian striker then seemed wobbly on his feet in the Iceland area…

But the whistle blows. Our half-time drink of choice?

A half time memo to goalkeeper Hannes:

We started strong as Gylfi ran through the entire Austrian defence alone…

The Austrian attack seems energetic, but lacks a cutting edge…

Has Gunnarsson’s power spooked the state?

Hannes is having another game to remember.

But Austria strike back. 1-1. The gods awaken…

The Austrians press hard for a really long time…

Iceland fight on while we do napkin Euro-maths.

But even whilst on the ropes under constant Austrian attack, something seems to be in the air for Iceland…

AND THEN: EUPHORIA. Iceland spring forth on the break in the 94th minute and smash one home. And an entire country absolutely loses its shit.

The aftermath is intense and emotional—a national street party breaks out.

The mayor is jumping around his house! #CoolMayor

So many feels.

But you know what they say:


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