From Iceland — The World Premiere Of The Grapevine Beer!

The World Premiere Of The Grapevine Beer!

Published March 31, 2016

The World Premiere Of The Grapevine Beer!
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Beer is delicious.

A beer brewed in partnership with Bryggjan Brugghús, Bjórakademían and The Reykjavík Grapevine – doubly so.

This Friday at Bryggjan Brugghús you will be drinking this partnership’s love child: Litli grís, a Double IPA with a fruity bouquet and a mildly bitter finish. I know what you’re thinking, ‘what’s a bouquet?’ I don’t know either, but here are the specs:

IBUS: 85
ABV: 8%
EBC: 14 (colour)
Style: Double IPA

From the Brewmaster, Bergur Gunnarsson:


The hop profile is relatively simple. we use only use three kinds of american hops. Columbus for bittering, Citra for aroma (late additions to the boil) and Citra and Mosaic in the dry hop. We only use hops from the 2015 crop so they are really fresh.

The Citra hop is really popular in the craft brewing world, and for a good reason, the crops for 2017 are already sold out. The Citra gives the beer a tropical and strong citrus aroma and taste, just a fantastic hop.

Mosaic also gives us a earthy smell/taste as well combining with the tropical/fruity elements of the Citra.

We get the malted barley from Weyerman malt, which is located in Germany. I would say that Weyerman is one of the biggest maltsters in Europe. For our base malt, we used Pilsner and Pale ale malt, we also added melanoidin which gives a distinct aroma, and acidulated malt which is basically sour malt which lowers the ph of the water and gives us a cleaner tasting DIPA.

We also added oats to increase the mouthfeel of the beer, and finally we added sugar to bump the alcoholic content up to 8%. Adding sugars also increases the dryness of the beer, which is good in Double IPAs – in my humble opinion.

See you this Friday.

Happy hour starts at 16:00, with tasting and tours beginning at 20:00.

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