Published September 8, 2015


We at The Reykjavík Grapevine care about a lot of things. Three, to be exact. Drinking, eating, and fun events, to be even more exact. We get excited about all the things we care about, and we like to extend our care and excitement to our smartphones. We made Appy Hour to keep tabs on all of Reykjavík’s happy hours (ushering in a veritable Golden Age of slightly less-expensive afternoon drinking!), Craving is for the restaurants we’ve reviewed and recommend, and now we finally have an app for that third thing we like (partying and/or artying). It is called Appening, and it is amazing useful (honest)!

As any downtown music fan or arts aficionado will attest , there is always a lot going on in Reykjavík (too damn munch, sometimes), and often it can be hard to pick exactly where to go and what to see (or even gain somewhat of an overview of what’s going on). Appening makes your entire life easier by displaying exactly what is going on on whatever day you fire it up. This includes every single exhibition, concert, and “other”-type event happening in 101 Reykjavík. And since we are a simple, stylish people,   these events are presented in a stylish, simple manner.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go download the app to your iOS device (an Android version is forthcoming)
  • Fire it up [via a handy icon on your home screen]
  • BE BLOWN AWAY by all those today events you now are aware of
  • Whoa! You can also narrow down the gargantuan list of events  to only ‘music’ or ‘art’ using one of those virtual buttons that come built in with the app
  • If you go and push the little star outline (there’s one on every single event, that event will be saved for later in a handy tab (it is called “the starred tab”)
  • Events that we deem particularly noteworthy for some reason (it’s probably a concert by our cousin’s friend Einar tbh) appear at the top of the screen

Also, check it out: we magically send an updated  list of events to your phone every morning (we also know where you live), so you don’t need to bother with any manual updating or calling us up to remind  us about updating your Appening app. Nope, no manual updating for you, busy modern person, all you gotta do is just rev up Appening, browse around and make a somewhat informed decision about where to get shitfaced tonight while pretending to enjoy culture (note: Appening also features daytime events, for busy modern persons who like to get shitfaced during daytime).

Go download Appening! Do it right now! Appening is great! Appening will bring about some much needed positive change in your life. You will be healthier. Cute boys will follow you around. Cute girls will also follow you around! You will take up yoga. Dogs will shout at you (the dog greeting)! Birds will hover around your head, forming neat a halo of birds! Your Kickstarter campaign will at long last take off! All of your wrinkles and blemishes will experience a constant state of terror and flee your body forever, ensuring eternal youth. You will know all about the events. You will get a second wind and finally finish that documentary you’ve been working on! Celebrated local rappers will call you up and invite you to help them make fun, potentially viral internet videos where the two of you make adventurously flavoured ice cream! If you go whale watching, whales will watch you back with their giant whale eyes! The Huffington Post will offer you a position as a paid blogger! You will gain the ability to pause time whenever you feel like it (just like Evie Ethel Garland, noted protagonist of noted ’80s hit sitcom ‘Out Of This World’)! You will know all about events. A man named Björn Ingi Hrafnsson will attempt to purchase you! You will develop empathy. The rich inventor man Elon Musk will attempt to harness your powers! You will know all sixteen levels of karate. You will become an expert in events. Your face skin will smoothen up. No more tears! You will know all about the cool bands! Your beard will shine! Your artisanal pizza will glisten! You will never again miss an Icelandic troubadour’s rendition of celebrated U2 hit single “One”. You will finally feel alive.

Yes! All of this can and will happen to you (yes, you!) RIGHT NOW! All you need to do to get things going is this. You must visit Apple’s not-at-all monolithic App Store and enter the the word “Appening” and/or the word “Grapevine” in the search field. Or, you can click on the blue word “here” that follows the colon after this paragraph’s second appearance of the word colon: here! (note: if you have already pressed the word “here”, it will appear purple, rather than blue).

If you’re interested in browsing events further into the future like some sorta nightlife Nostradamus, go look at Grapevine’s listings website (or click that fancy tab that says “Happening” at the top of this page).


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