From Iceland — Introducing The Grapevine Summer Cocktail Of 2015!

Introducing The Grapevine Summer Cocktail Of 2015!

Published June 6, 2015

Introducing The Grapevine Summer Cocktail Of 2015!
York Underwood
Photo by
Anna Andersen

The Grapevine has been on the pulse of what is coming and what should be coming for years (at least that’s what we believe). We decided that a signature cocktail would separate us from the less savvy and boring media outlets in this fine country. Luckily, Kári Sigurðsson, a bartender at Apotek, agreed to create us the perfect summer libation.

Six of us sat down in Apotek, and Kári whipped up three choices—ranging from the simple to the complex. “It’s really simple, but, in my opinion, fucking delicious,” said Kári while monitoring our reactions to the first sip of the one we would ultimately choose. “I would have this while drinking outside in the sun.”

We thought about calling it the Grapevine Spritzer, but that sounds like something your spinster aunt would drink. So, we decided to simply call it ‘The Grapevine Summer Cocktail’, and have crossed our fingers that it doesn’t rain for the next three months straight.

The Grapevine Summer Cocktail:

Reykjavik Grapevine Cocktail 2015


  • 1 shot Aperol
  • 2 shot grapefruit juice
  • Topped up with Cava DO (this can be replaced with Prosecco, but not the overly sweet Asti)
  • Garnish with a slice of Grapefruit


  • Fill a flute or white wine glass with ice, add the Aperol and grapefruit juice, and top up with Cavo. Add a slice of grapefruit as garnish and serve immediately.

The Cavo is the taste of sunshine—revealing our unwavering confidence that this summer might actually be enjoyable. The Aperol gives it the spicy heat that defines the underlying geological curiosity that is Iceland. The grapefruit…well, that’s there for vanity. This drink is best enjoyed outside and reading our latest issue.

The Grapeviners responsible for picking the cocktail are Anna Andersen, Benedikt Hauksson, Björn Teitsson, Helgi Harðarson, Hilmar Steinn Grétarsson, and York Underwood.

The cocktail will be available at Apotek (Austurstræti 16) this summer, and hopefully at some other places as well.

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