From Iceland — Iceland Airwaves Label Nights: Babel

Iceland Airwaves Label Nights: Babel

Published October 26, 2013

Iceland Airwaves Label Nights: Babel

Árni Grétar, also known as Futuregrapher, is a leading figure in Icelandic electronic music and a big part of the Möller label. We caught up with him to discuss their takeover of the Harlem bar & venue, entitled Babel, at Iceland Airwaves 2013.

Hello Árni!
Hello Airwaves! You beautiful people.

Can you give us an enigmatic introduction Möller Records?
Möller Records is an independent record label – focusing on electronic music from Iceland in various genres. If it’s good, it’s there. Basically. I mean, it has Skurken and Murya, what’s more to say? But It’s not your typical dance music label or anything like that. It’s more like the friend you never had, when you always wanted to take that road trip to Westfjords. Your girl-boyfriend who always supports you, in one way or another, and makes you romantic dinners for your ears. Great in every way. Möller Records are also hosting a monthly event at Bravo (Laugavegur 22) called Heiladans “Braindance”. That’s beautiful.

How do you see the state of Electronic music in Iceland?
It’s great, isn’t it? I would say so. We have so many great artists and bands in this scene, it’s unbelievable. And it has been said before, and I will say it again; the electronic scene here is like a one big family. We love each other, we fight, we talk, we share moments and laughs together. It’s just all good vibes. I remember playing in my old band, many years ago, at an electronic event with my – today – great friends; Tanya Pollock (Weirdcore), Pan Thorarensen (Extreme Chill), Ingi Þór (u.f.o. warehouse) and others, and everybody back then were trying to compete and all that ‘jazz’. But that didn’t quite work out. Today we are all great friends, people in the scene, and help each other out and try to make everyone better. And to me, it’s working. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way (haha). But that’s just life, man. We call it; yndislegt.

How does Möller curate music for the label?
It’s like this; People send us demos and we listen to it. If it’s good – we release it. Jóhann Ómarsson aka Skurken (co-founder and president), moi, Stefán Ólafsson (Steve Sampling) and Frosti Jónsson (Bistro Boy) are working for the label and making sure it runs smoothly.

Can you tell us about Weirdcore?
Weirdcore is the brainchild of the great and beautiful Tanya Pollock – the mother of all, in Icelandic electronica. Later on she got the late great Sigurbjörn Þorgrímsson aka Biogen aka Babel (love you Bjössi, miss you) in the mix and together they hosted legendary events at various places in Reykjavík (most notably at Jacobsen – good times!). We all are connected through the Weirdcore vibe. That’s the mother ship. Now we also have Möller Records (label) and the Extreme Chill festival and associated events. So it’s always getting bigger and bigger.

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What should we look forward to with Babel?
The music. The atmosphere. The buzz. And to be at this great night, in the name of Babel – our friend and mentor Sigurbjörn Þorgrímsson. It’s going to be ‘all in’.

What is your view on Airwaves as a festival and for the label?
Airwaves festival is just great. It’s one of the best (Jón Gnarr) festivals in the world, in my opinion. It has so many artists, from all over the world, and it’s an amazing journey – for everybody to participate in. Don’t mind the cold, mind the music – and it’s definitely here in it’s greatest. For the label it’s good to have this showcase at Airwaves, because fans from all over can enjoy Weirdcore and music from Möller Records.

So what’s on the horizon for yourself and the label beyond Airwaves?
I just got back from playing in Canada and Germany – and I’m actually going back to Germany to play two dates there, late November. Festisvall, man. More about that soon. And I’m actually now just listening to the masters from Jóhann Ómarsson (who does all the mastering work for Möller) of my EP album I made with Hidekazu Imashige aka Gallery Six (Japan) and Veroníque Vaka (Canada). Exciting. Möller Records are going to be releasing more music very soon, like my new EP, an album from Bistro Boy, more music from Murya, etc., etc. And of course; more Heiladans and more crying games.

Best place for people to check out more from Möller Records?
Go to our website to read about our artists, purchase music and such. It’s a great place to hang out. Free coffee, almost. But definitely great music. Like us on Facebook as well. That would be nice. See you at Babel!

Nei, takk elsku þið!

Babel is at Harlem on the Thursday 1st November. Add it to your personalised schedule with the Airwaves App.

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