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Videos From The Edge. Muck On Tour!

Videos From The Edge. Muck On Tour!

Published October 22, 2012

What – TWO instalments of “Postcards From The Edge” in two day? I know, we’re just spoiling you with it all. But as this just fell into our laps, we thought it would be churlish not to share it with you!

Iceland’s hardcore/noise rock flag bearers MUCK are  not currently in Iceland right now. That’s because they’re currently slogging it through the lowlands of Denmark and scaring the locals with their music. Instead of sending us a little picture and a note, they sent us this video of the first leg of the tour. Be taken aback by the excitement of European Airports! Hark at the wonder of rail stations! Be amazed at the cleanliness of Denmark’s towns! And shudder at the mightiness of Muck in their live glory!

Go and check out them out. Muck will be performing on  Saturday 3rd November, 20:00, at Gamli Gaukurinn. 

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