From Iceland — Today Is Beer Day!

Today Is Beer Day!

Published March 1, 2012

Today Is Beer Day!

Yes, today is Iceland’s beer day! It was only on March 1, 1989 that beer became legal in Iceland. While the prohibition of most strong alcohol ended in 1935, the vote did not include the legalization of beer because it is cheaper than strong spirits and was thus more likely to lead to a life of depravity.
It took more than 70 years and a yearlong debate, before the parliament voted in favor of lifting the ban. So only 23 years later Iceland is still going strong and has a lot of catching up to do for the lost time. Therefore, today is dedicated to the celebration of the wonderful world of beer.
Many bars have great offers on beers, which makes today the perfect beginning for a long weekend. If you are pickier about which kinds of beer you drink, our Beer-Off, in which we reviewed a bunch of Icelandic microbrews, might point you in the right direction.
So head out to the next bar and enjoy a cold one. And then start a long weekend or drag yourself to work the next day. Whatever you prefer. We are still waiting for March 2 to become national hangover day…


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