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Eat Fresh No More

Published October 8, 2010

Eat Fresh No More

It is a glamorous life, that of a food reviewer. Sampling some of the greatest fare this fair city has to offer, dining on offerings that I might otherwise overlook, discovering new favourites and new least-favourites. But sometimes, between luxurious brunches and exotic curries, comes the call for something different. The call to ‘eat fresh,’ if you will.
That call came this past Saturday.
Having just returned from abroad and faced with bare cupboards and a cavernous refrigerator, a light bulb materialized above my head. With a rumble in my stomach I ventured forth toward Austurstræti. To Subway.
Alas, much to my great shock and dismay, the door was bolted shut, the windows covered over with a brown packing paper, and where the iconic yellow and green signage once affixed itself to the building’s façade there was only a patch of teal paint alluding to the poor exterior design choices of landlords gone by.
The sign on the door spelled out empty promises of the international sub shop reopening elsewhere downtown in the future, but no dates were given, no locations named. I fear the sign was lying to me.
The franchise that enjoyed recordbreaking sales figures, according to the framed certificates of accomplishment that had so proudly adorned their walls, is no more. Sure there are a couple of other franchises in the suburbs, but, to me, they may as well be in Siberia. It’s the end of an era.
Other Places to Get a Sandwich:

Te og Kaffi: This chain boasts a selection of focacce that are tasty on their own but get amped up a notch after spending a couple of minutes in the sandwich press. The star of the show is the grilled chicken, sun-dried tomato and mozzarella variety, with bonus sun-dried tomatoes baked into the bread. Austurstræti 18 (in Eymundsson)
So Kornið has got these sandwiches in halved focaccia bread that might just be the best thing ever. Even if they weren’t stuffed with chicken, bacon, veggies, cheese, egg, and what-have-you, they would still be superb simply on account of this incredibly delicious bread. It is herbed and slightly oily, but somehow not too dense for sandwich making (a very delicate art). So good! Lækjargata 4
When a massive serving of meat, vegetables and sauces in a fluffy loaf of bread is what you crave then Nonnabiti has got you covered. The trick is grilling all the toppings before shoving them into the roll and dousing it all with sauce – sauce that will unavoidably settle to the ass-end of the sandwich as you eat your way in that direction, making it seem as though your once solid meal has morphed into a beverage. The salty pork in the luxury sandwich is divine at 5am. Hafnarstræti 9

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