From Iceland — Best Place for a Blue Cheese Burger

Best Place for a Blue Cheese Burger

Published July 9, 2009

Best Place for a Blue Cheese Burger

Have you ever eaten something particularly tasty and noticed a few hours down the road that you were still tasting it? Magnify that experience. Imagine still tasting that meal the next day. Such is the experience of indulging in the aptly named Gleym-mér-ey (forget-me-not) burger at Vitabar. Caring deeply about the scent of Reykjavík’s breath, the good folks at Vitabar serve up the best, most delicious – and most detrimental for those planning on conversing with potential mates – blue cheese burger there is.
This is the real deal. When the plate of fries and a sizeable burger with 200g of beef, oozing with garlic and melted blue cheese, is put on the table in front of you and the unmistakably pungent scent assaults your nostrils it sends your brain on a rampage of questions – do I have any gum in my purse? Do I plan on making out with anybody in the next couple of days? Will I spontaneously combust from extreme flavour overload? – all of which are valid and should be considered prior to digging in to the Gleym-mér-ey. This burger is so packed with sharp blue cheese and garlic flavour that it will have nowhere to go but to escape back out through your pours. You will smell. There is no avoiding it. But it is so worth it.
And hey, if you’re going to eat something so epically stinky, what better place than a totally chill and non-pretentious joint like Vitabar? The location is unassuming, the interior is lack-lustre, and the regulars are not your young, overly trendy types. But the service is fast and friendly, the price is right and, my god, the blue cheese burger is damned near perfection. 

  • Vitabar Bergþórugata 21, 101 Reykjavík
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