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Rizzo Pizzeria

Published June 20, 2008

Rizzo Pizzeria
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Nothing beats a good pizza, right? OK, that’s not entirely true, but I think we can all agree that a good pizza is one on the fundamental elements of life as we know it. A good pizza should not only be tasty and fulfilling, it should be a life affirming experience. It should make you want to sing and dance, and volunteer for the elderly. Some of you may think that I place ridiculous standards on the quality of my fast food, but pizza should not really be a fast food. It should be made with love and care – delicate tenderness. That is why a mass-production pizza chain like Domino’s or Papa John’s will never be able to recreate the genuine pizza experience.

Sadly, Rizzo falls completely flat as well. There is considerable ambition to serve good food at Rizzo, and the pizza is actually quite good, once its finally served; but still, no pizza is really worth being disrespected by the service to the point where you feel like a second rate citizen.

It started as soon as I entered the establishment. I stood by the counter for about five minutes before anyone deemed me worthy of taking my order. Still, I was the only person ordering, and they had already noticed me. They just didn’t acknowledge me. After ordering, After waiting for a good while (a while I used to admire the dirty dishes left on the surrounding tables and not removed by the service) I decided to check on the progress of my pizza. It turns out that the pizza was ready, but somehow they had forgotten to bring it to me, or at the very least let me know that it was ready so I could fetch it myself, you know, in case I was hungry or something. When the pizza arrived at last I asked if I could get something to move it from the hot metal plate it rested on, to my own plate for the eventual consumption process – a spade perhaps? The waitress offered a curt ‘no,’ turned her back and left.

So, if you are in the market for a tasty pizza, served with all of the enthusiasm of a 15-year old on his way to school, this is your place.

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