From Iceland — Osushi


Published January 13, 2006


Contrary to popular belief, sushi does not actually mean “raw fish”, but rather “with rice.” This was among the many lessons the head sushi chef served my companion and me at The Train during a recent visit. Located on the second floor of Iða bookstore in downtown Reykjavík, The Train serves traditional sushi dishes, Japanese cuisine, and a few international dishes for good measure. The dishes are served on a traditional Japanese fast food conveyor belt, which runs alongside the whole seating section and creates a buffet-like atmosphere where you can pick the dishes that look appealing and try various courses.
A typical sushi dinner starts with miso soup. For the initiated, this is ritualistic addition. Personally, I cannot recommend it; there is something about the combination of fermented soybeans, seaweed and tofu that rubs me the wrong way. The sushi was delicious, however. The best thing about eating sushi is that there are so many different small dishes to choose from. We sampled salmon, shrimp, smoked duck, beef, and whale among other things, all of which tasted excellent. I feel especially confident in recommending the shrimp futomaki, the whale sashimi and the salmon tartare.
The enjoyable thing about eating good sushi is the freshness of the ingredients. There is no way to hide the overly fishy taste of raw fish that ain’t at the peak of its form—we were in no danger at Osushi. To top the sushi, we were served with the best crème brûlée I can recall tasting for dessert. At the price of 350 ISK that alone is worth the visit.
The different dishes run from 200 ISK – 500 ISK, with the prices designated by different coloured dishes. It is entirely possible to enjoy a good taste of sushi for less than 1,000 ISK here, but a full meal is likely to take you closer to the 2,000 ISK range.
Being somewhat of a novice in the field of sushi, I can state that the whole experience was a pleasant surprise, apart from the miso soup. Afterwards, sitting in front of TV in the luxurious surroundings I call home, I experienced something I’ve never experienced before. A craving for sushi.

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