From Iceland — Ólafur Örn Ólafsson's Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Ólafur Örn Ólafsson’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Published July 27, 2017

Ólafur Örn Ólafsson’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík
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TV Chef Ólafur Örn Ólafsson is a well-known face on the streets of Reykjavík and has appeared as a guest judge on ‘Masterchef Ísland’.

Favourite breakfast place?
I may be a little biased, but my favourite breakfast place is Rosenberg, where I spend most of my days since we recently took it over. The poached egg and bacon toast and the chia porridge keeps me going. If I had to name another place, I’d pick up some pastries from Brauð & Co. and a coffee from Reykjavík Roasters to enjoy in the morning sun.

What would you do first thing in the morning?
I would go home and have a nap.

Where would you go for lunch?
I love going for lunch! I work nights and I’m a family man so I don’t have many free evenings. I would take my significant other to MatBar on Hverfisgata where they have great fish dishes and Prosecco.

What would you do around midday?
Since my day has turned into a date, I’d want to look all cultural and show my good sides. The Reykjavík Art Museum usually have some great shows. After that I’d go to Marshall House—a fantastic place full of contemporary art.

What would you do in the afternoon?
Happy hour! I like to drink good beer so I would stop at Skúli Craft Bar and grab a couple of Bao Buns from their new truck. I’d then walk to Mikkeler & Friends for another beer, before going to KEX. Since I’m probably tipsy by now, I’d stay longer than I should talking to people I’d never met before.

Where would you go for dinner?
I would most definitely go to Dill! Hands down the very best restaurant in the city. They also have natural wines that I have started a love affair with.

What would you do in the heat of the night?
I know my friends at Dill, so I’d probably stay for a couple of after-service drinks. I would end up going to Kaffibarinn even though I am usually one of the oldest people there. After one too many Fernets at the bar, I’d stagger home with a big smile on my face after my perfect day in the city.

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