From Iceland — Alexander Jean's Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Alexander Jean’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Published June 14, 2017

Alexander Jean’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík
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Timothée Lambrecq

This issue’s Perfect Day is by DJ, aesthete, student of the arts and man-about-town Alexander Jean de Fontenay. “I like listening/dancing to, learning about and collecting music,” he says. “I enjoy going out dancing and I sometimes play my records at bars and cafés in 101. I’ve worked for a few art/music festivals which provide a great environment; mixing together music/art, socialising and leisure.”

First thing in the morning
A perfect morning is spent sleeping in till at least 10am, only to be awoken by the sun or my girlfriend meowing in her sleep. After a shower, I take supplements, and a smoothie made with berries, banana, basil leaves and stuff from the healthy section in Bónus.
Soundtrack: Four Tet – Morning

Favourite breakfast place
On a perfect day there is no breakfast or lunch, only brunch, and the best brunch is made at home. I’m a sucker for classics so American pancakes will do nicely. But let’s not forget lots of fresh fruit and Kenyan roast coffee. Mimosas are added to the equation if I’m celebrating.
Soundtrack: Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves the Sunshine

For lunch
Burgers burgers burgers. Block Burger has the best burger in Reykjavík. But Prikið wins, since it’s the most laid-back place to eat. I do also like Gló a lot, if I could eat there every day I’d be a very happy boy. Gló tip: Step 1: Order their potatoes as a side. Step 2: Drown them in hummus.
Soundtrack: A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

Around midday
Next I’d go to Kolaportið flea market and dig for treasure. I’ll probably spend the majority of the time looking for cheap 80s records and then have a kókosbolla. Reykjavík Record Shop on Klapparstígur is my favorite place to browse records. Their selection is neat, their staff friendly and it’s located close to my house.
Soundtrack: Billy Idol – Eyes Without a Face

In the afternoon
An awesome afternoon combo I picked up from a friend: Go to any decent café and order a latté and a plain croissant. Ask for some honey on the side. Dip the croissant in the honey and then the latté. Repeat. I do this regularly at Kaffitár on Bankastræti. It’s thoroughly nice.
Soundtrack: Matthew Herbert – Leipzig

For dinner
Hverfisgata 12 is great: weird but delicious pizzas, solid cocktails (Lucy In The Sky is awesome) and a cosy environment. It’s also the first place I went out to eat at with my girlfriend, so I always feel a bit fuzzy inside when I go there. The staff are friendly and professional, which is what a perfect dinner place needs.
Soundtrack: Kraftwerk – Vitamin

In the heat of the night
I enjoy going out with friends to hear interesting music or dance depending on the mood. I especially like the events that local DJ crew Plútó and FALK records have been collaborating on. If I had the money I’d fly to Berlin to drink Club Maté, eat döner kebab, and go to clubs, which are essentially fun parks for adult.
Soundtrack: Roy of the Ravers – Rave Time (Not A Crime Mix)

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