From Iceland — Anna Ásthildur's Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Anna Ásthildur’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Published March 14, 2017

Anna Ásthildur’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík
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Timothée Lambrecq

Anna Ásthildur is a music professional, currently based in Berlin. “I work at Iceland Music Export marketing Icelandic music abroad, and at Ja Ja Ja Berlin showcasing new Nordic music,” she says, “and as a DJ called Sandra Bollocks, promoting myself, Sandra Bollocks . I’m also a promoter of regular DJ nights Rafnæs —we’ll be announcing some fun gigs soon.”

First thing in the morning
I’m not the kind of girl that wakes up with perfectly tousled hair and sun shining out of my butt. I usually snooze for about twenty minutes longer than I should and then get dressed, drink half a cup of coffee, put on makeup and leave the house. I’ve perfected this routine, for example by only ever wearing black clothing, so as to reduce the amount of time I need to decide what to wear, and learning to love instant coffee.

Favourite breakfast place
If I do eat breakfast, it means it’s probably the weekend. For weekend breakfast/brunch I love Prikið for the relaxed vibes and good veggie burgers. Although I did go the other weekend and Icelandic rapper Blaz Roca was there yelling at a terrified young waitress, which was not vibing well. If you can order one Prikið minus one pretentious rapper, then you’re good to go.

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Around midday
You have probably heard this before, but swimming pools in Reykjavík are amazing, and they’re one of the things I miss most living in Berlin. The Sundhöllin pool is downtown, so it’s close to my Reykjavík office, but Vesturbæjarlaug is worth the trip. When I say “go swimming” I mean “go sit in a hot tub until you feel like a happy lobster.” Debating politics with the older gentlemen who frequent the hot tubs earns you extra points.


In the afternoon
In Reykjavík, the best time to drink beer is in the afternoon as the bars downtown have their happy hours in full swing. You can download the Grapevine Appy Hour app and find some great beers, wine and cocktails for less than the price of your firstborn, a bargain in Reykjavík. I recommend Loft Hostel for their sunny terrace, Micro Bar for their excellent microbrew and craft beer selection, or Kaffi Vínyl for good indoor atmosphere.

Snaps by art bicknick

For dinner
There are so many new restaurants cropping up all over Reykjavík that I would love to try (thanks, tourists!), but if I have to pick a favorite it’s Snaps. Try the confit de canard (ask for extra jus) and a glass of pinot noir. Can’t go wrong. For something a smidge cheaper get a pizza at Hverfisgata 12. For something actually cheap, go to the grocery store because food in Iceland is expensive and you’re just going to have to accept that.


In the heat of the night
I’m a techno kind of gal and the only place to get any of that is Paloma, pretty much the only place I ever go to for dancing. If there’s nothing good happening there, the heat of the night involves a video game, my adorable cat, and a comfy chair. For gaming Ground Zero is probably the best, and cats are aplenty in downtown Reykjavík, so take your pick.


March 9: Heiladans #42: BistroBoy, Andartak, Án, Chevron & DJ Dorrit, Húrra
Möller Records is a great electronic music label and this is one of their regular nights called Heiladans. Would definitely check it out.

March 15: ‘Rick & Morty’ Pub Quiz, Húrra
This sounds like fun and a great place to meet like-minded smartasses.

April 9: FALK og PLUTÓ, Paloma
It’s in April, this one… but what a lineup. I love Courtesy and the Plútó gang, so sad to miss this!

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