• Dancing To The Heartbeat

    The Reykjavík Dance Festival has changed nearly as much as the art of dance itself in its twelve years of existence. But a change of directors and board members this spring has brought on much more drastic changes to its scope and concept for coming years. In conversation with the Grapevine, managing director Hlynur Páll

  • All the Feels

    The lobby of Borgarleikhúsið is lit up in purple and packed with nicely dressed people, chattering and sipping wine. The line at the bar is long. There is a sense of excitement for the premier of Emotional, a double feature dance performance. The first act is Meadow, choreographed by Brian Gerke, who joined the Iceland

  • The Legs Show

    Brian Gerke joined the Iceland Dance Company in 2012, having been teaching at Listdansskóli Íslands since 2007. Just two years later, his first solo piece of choreography has premiered as one half of a show called ‘Emotional’. It is a double-feature show comprised of Brian’s performance, ‘Meadow’, accompanied by ‘EMO1994’, a piece by Norwegian choreographer

  • Einar Örn Makes Drawings To Dance To

    For anyone who was blown away by the quite wonderful electronic-punk chaos of Ghostigital this Airwaves, here’s something you might find interesting. Their frontman Einar Örn – also known for his involvement in The Sugarcubes and the Best Party political movement – is giving an English-language tour of his current art exhibition tomorrow (Sunday November

  • Look At The Light

    Six veteran Iceland Airwaves photographers have banded together to put on a special photo exhibit with 30 pictures from past Airwaves performances. Participating photographer Matthew Eisman says the idea behind the exhibit was born from Sigurður Ástgeirsson’s show last year at the City Center Hotel. “I wanted to do something to contribute to the photo and music

  • Microphonic Body Machine

    Ekeberg Park, Oslo: The September sun reflects in yellow leaves. Angela Rawlings and her colleagues reach the centre of the posh sculpture-park: a forest of glass. The walls capture, care for, and feed back the voice of Angela and a partner in crime, Elfi Sverdrup, transforming a gentle acoustic test into what Angela herself calls

  • Dancers In The Dark

    A funky bassline is bumping out of KEX Hostel as I walk up to its patio. As I pass the window, I hear the horns and lyrics of Janelle Monáe’s “Tightrope.” I picture her smooth moves in the song’s music video and I already feel like dancing. Once inside, I duck quickly through the door

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Ban Thai
Tíu Dropar
Einar Indra / Soffía Björg / (Sea)
Sculpture Exibition for Breiðholt College

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