• Dancers In The Dark

    A funky bassline is bumping out of KEX Hostel as I walk up to its patio. As I pass the window, I hear the horns and lyrics of Janelle Monáe’s “Tightrope.” I picture her smooth moves in the song’s music video and I already feel like dancing. Once inside, I duck quickly through the door

  • Breathing Life Into Arts Education

    With university becoming more expensive in many parts of the world, mainstream education tends to lean towards the former, feeding the idea that higher qualifications should serve first and foremost as a path to economic security rather than to an enlightened viewpoint. The “university experience” has come to mean both a kind of holiday camp

  • Pop Vomit

    On the wall of a dark room in Reykjavík’s Hafnarhusið art museum, a stream of brightly coloured icons is fizzing out of the ground. Triggered by the tiniest sound, they erupt onto the wall at every footstep or word, tumbling into a huge pile and bobbing around like Pop Art Cheerios. Some are familiar, some

  • Banksy In Iceland?

    Banksy may have been to Iceland. A while ago. And he may have left a mark or two. This has not been verified, but whoever did the stencil accompanying this article would in any case surely acknowledge being under the distinguished anonymous British street-artist’s influence. We will leave it up to readers to figure out

  • Comic by Hugleikur Dagsson

    Renowned Icelandic comic artist Hugleikur Dagsson has yet another black-humoured comic for you all to enjoy.

  • Urbanization On Paper: A European Narrative

    Spark Design Space has a clean minimalist facade, a welcome place to rest your eyes next to the garishly painted corrugated tin front of its neighbour Kiki. The large glass windows show the dozens of posters tiled on the back walls of the building, each in a different colour and arranged to make a gradient

  • Tying A Ribbon On Biophilia

    Sitting upstairs at Iðnó, pouring out a cup of coffee in a fetching fluorescent yellow ensemble, an animated Björk is expressing how pleased and surprised she is that people still want to talk about her work. “I spoke to someone earlier who had been online researching all the Biophilia set lists and comparing them,” smiles

  • Comic by Hugleikur Dagsson

    Renowned Icelandic comic artist Hugleikur Dagsson has yet another black-humoured comic for you all to enjoy.

  • Come Fly With me

    Elvar Örn is a professional photographer and filmmaker with a passion for aerial photography. He’s traveled the world, from the deserts of Namibia, to icy Antarctica, and the highlands of Iceland. He’s explored a wide range of techniques in the art of photography, and he’s delved deeply into high-quality, archival printing processes. In collaboration with

  • Go PONG Harpa Now!

    Ever wanted to play arcade classic ‘Pong’ on the massive Harpa facade? Great, because until August 31st you can–so long as you have a smartphone. PONG is an interactive multimedia art piece by Atli Bollason and Owen Hindley. If you go to Arnarhóll (the grassy hill overlooking Harpa with a statue of Iceland’s founding father

  • When Dreams Become Realities

    In early 2012, 49-year-old Ármann Einarsson, a music school principal with a potbelly that he frequently, fondly, pats, sent a Facebook message to Brogan Davison, his son Pétur’s girlfriend, who is also a choreographer and dancer. “It said, ‘Hæ, Hæ: This is a formal request,” recalls Pétur, himself a theater artist and director. Having nursed

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