Get Outta Town: Stuff To Avoid Airwaves

Get Outta Town: Stuff To Avoid Airwaves

Your complete Airwaves guide to getting the hell away from Airwaves!

Your complete Airwaves guide to getting the hell away from Airwaves!

Feeling an overwhelming urge to explore the nearby towns without missing out on Airwaves? Do you feel crushed by the drunken crowds? Guess what, here are some suggestions for how to get outta town, make the most out of your time – and get some pretty nice food while you’re at it .

Hike and bathe in The Greenhouse Town: Experience the best in the blossoming town of Hveragerði, just south of Reykjavík – a true paradise of pristine nature and hot baths.

  1. a) 10:00—Depart from Reykjavík. Take route 1, heading south. While driving the scenic mountain road, be sure to make a stop at the hill towering over Hveragerði and take in that first view of South Iceland.
  2. b) 11-ish—Indulge in an authentic Icelandic-slash-Scandinavian lunch at Kjöt & Kúnst, at Breiðamörk 2, on the right hand side as you enter Hveragerði.
  3. c) 12-ish—Take a walk in nature and jump into some hot springs. The hiking trails and the fabled hot river (it’s a river… of hot water!) are located north of the town –  Hamragil is an excellent spot. Click here to check it out. Look, here are some more detailed instructions: Drive up the road and you will see a river on your right hand side. When the road finally splits into two, take the left (or the right if you prefer golfing). Then drive up until you reach Dalakaffi café, park your car and start hiking the trail. Make sure to bring your hiking boots and swimming trunks. Here’s a great idea: get a map of the area at the café . Alternatively, enjoy a golf session at the Reykjadalur golf course, which would be to be the one to the right.
  4. d) On your way back to the car, enjoy some hot chocolate and the best blueberry pancakes in town, at Dalakaffi, café.

Seafood and sights by the sea: Enjoy some much-hyped (deservingly so) lobster soup after riding some horses – or simply munch on a pizza and enjoy some sightseeing in Stokkseyri. Whatever you want, dude. 

  1. a) 10:00—Leave Reykjavík, heading  south on route 1 towards Selfoss.
  2. b) 11-ish—Wolf down a pizza or a burger for lunch at Kaffi Krús on Austurvegur 7 in Selfoss (you’re so fucking hungry, what with all that music festival you drank last night), When you get into town, take the second exit at the roundabout. Drive on –  soon enough, you’ll see the café on you left.
  3. c) 12-ish— Discover Stokkseyri. Head directly towards the roundabout again, this time take the exit on your left. The road you’ll want to be on is called Eyrarbakkavegur, and basically have to cruise it until you reach route 33 to Stokkseyri.
  4. d) 13-ish— visit the Ghost Museum and the nearby shops for some local art and craft (AND GHOSTLY FUN!). Alternatively, if you prefer embracing the wilderness, rent an Icelandic pony and gallop in the fields with Eldhestar on route 1, between Hveragerði and Selfoss. Bring warm clothes and good shoes. Or suffer the consequences.
  5. e) 16-ish Head to Stokkseyri’s famous restaurant Fjöruborðið for an early dinner of a mouth-watering langoustine and lobster soup. That guy from Nirvana, Dave Grohl – he loved it. Find it at Eyrarbraut 3a.

Suck up some culture and hike mount Esja: A killer combo of sweet and savory followed by a refreshing hike and a dash of culture. Comes with some easy, driving around Mosfellsbær.

  1. a) 10:00—Leave Reykjavik and head to Mosfellsbær. Drive Miklabraut (route 49) until it turns into Route 1, and head in the direction of Mt. Esja. When you’ve reached Mosfellsbær, go grab a sweet breakfast at Mosfellsbakarí. This is a great idea! Taht  exquisite bakery offers a vide range of pastries, cakes and hot drinks. Almost Iceland’s best bakery. It’s located at Háholt 13-15. On the way, you’ll encounter many, many roundabouts. Mosfellsbær is crazy about its roundabouts for some reason. Remember this: once you hit the fifth one, take the second exit and that delightful bakery will be on your left.
  2. b) 11-ish— Weather permitting (which it’s not fucking doing at the moment. What the fuck, weather?) hike Mt. Esja. Get there by continuing on the same road that brought you to Mosfellsbær, driving directly towards the mountain. Park your car at that convenient parking spot that was built just for folks who want to hike Esja, , and strap on your hiking boots. Familiarize yourself with the hiking area and trails by taking a close look at the map while at the parking lot. You won’t regret it.
  3. c) 15-ish—Visit Gljúfrasteinn museum in Mosfellsdalur. Drive back the same way, but this time head towards the valley on your left. Once you see a church on your left and a bunch of horses, you’re on the right track. The museum is the former home of Nobel laureate Halldór Laxness (his books: they’re AMAZING).
  4. d) 16-ish—You’re probably feeling hungry at this time, aren’t you, fatty? Alright, you’re on vacation. You can eat whatever you want. Alright, get some food. Head back home to Reykjavík to enjoy a cured Icelandic “lamb of god” at Fjalakötturinn in downtown Reykjavík, at Aðalstræti 16. That shit is yummy. And paleo, if you think about it. It’s probably really healthy.

Go under: Engage in extreme sports in the Silfra fissure at Þingvellir National Park. But, dude. Be careful.

  1. a) 09:00—Join the Arctic Adventure snorkelling tour. Their office is located on Laugavegur 11. You should hurry.
  2. b) 11:00—Plunge into Silfra fissure and snorkel in the crystal clear waters. Embrace the cold (lol, as if you haven’t already). Carefully follow every single thing your guide says, for your safety and pleasure.
  3. c) 15-ish—Ask your tourguide to make a stop at the  shop at the nearby campsite. He has nothing better to do. When you’re there, order some Kókómjólk (chocolate milk – it will probably give you superpowers), and some Skyr. Because, why not?
  4. d) When you’re back in Reykjavik, grab some dinner at Snaps, Þórsgata 1. That place is awesome.

Of course, you can do all sorts of other stuff. Like, swimming? The local pools are GREAT. Or, you know, just go to a concert. You did come here for a music festival, after all. Why not try and hear some music?

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