From Iceland — Prime Minister's Wife NOT Planning Trip To Space

Prime Minister’s Wife NOT Planning Trip To Space

Published April 6, 2016

York Underwood

The Prime Minister’s wife, Anna Sigurlaug Pálsdóttir, usually refered to as Anna Stella, loves being away from Iceland, both physically and financially. While the nation is discussing her court-pressured-inheritance’s long-term holiday in the British Virgin Islands, the Daily Mail reports Anna Stella has a desire to be interstellar. The Prime Minister, however, denies this is the case, and it has come to light that she was confused with someone else.

Richard Branson said in an interview with the Daily Mail, “The Prime Minister of Iceland’s wife rang me up the day after the accident and said, ‘I want to sign to go to space.’’’ The accident Richard is referring to is the explosion of his test shuttle in 2014.

With the Panama Papers leak, it is becoming difficult for even the wealthiest people to hide their money on Earth. Perhaps Anna Stella, anthropologist and financial explorer, is looking skyward, to space, the final frontier.

Currently, the world is scrambling on how to legislate the commercial and industrial use of space beyond the satellite communications industry, with many developing nations worried that countries more capable of space exploration will snatch up all the resources and keep it for themselves.

No matter how rigorous the new space legislation is, Anna Stella surely can and will find a loophole.

Live long and prosper.

UPDATE: Sigmundur, true to form, turned to Facebook to respond to this story. He has categorically denied that his wife is going into space. He then goes on for two paragraphs complaining about how mean the media has been to the couple.

ANOTHER UPDATE: DV now reports that Branson was mistaken – it was Dorrit Moussaieff, wife of President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, who wants to go into space; not Anna Stella. The Grapevine apologises for this error.

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