From Iceland — Racist, Nationalist Political Party Attempted

Racist, Nationalist Political Party Attempted

Published February 28, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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A right wing party emphasising monoculturalism and Islamophobia is trying to get off the ground in Iceland.

The party in question, which calls itself the Icelandic National Front, has so far only managed to form a Facebook group with just under 200 members. However, Vísir reports that they have larger plans.

The party hopes to take greater part in establishment politics, and their platform is very similar to other right-wing, racist political parties in Europe: they oppose membership in Schengen, and want Iceland to adopt an isolationist foreign policy, while at the same time railing against multiculturalism.

The party has also targeted the Muslim community in Iceland. They emphasise especially their opposition to the building of a mosque in Reykjavík, which has already been approved by the City Council majority, and say they want the wearing of burkas and the building of “Islamicist schools” banned.

Racist, monoculturalist parties have been attempted in Iceland before, with very little success. The openly racist Iceland First disappeared shortly after its existence was announced, and even Pegida in Iceland has been all but invisible from the headlines.

However, this is not to say xenophobia is absent from Icelandic politics. In 2014, the Progressive Party of Reykjavík was criticised by many for engaging in Islamophobic campaign tactics. This rhetoric has dwindled to a whisper since municipal elections.

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