From Iceland — Don't Ask Nanna: About Puffins

Don’t Ask Nanna: About Puffins

Published May 6, 2016

Don’t Ask Nanna: About Puffins
Nanna Árnadóttir
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Dear Nanna, 

Are there eagles in Iceland? What types of birds are common? 


Dear Birder,

I’ve got no fucking clue about eagles. I’ve seen some swans, a few ducks. Probably seagulls though none that really stand out. And puffins of course, though I have never seen an honest to God real life puffin.

Like I know they exist in the way that I imagine English people know badgers exist, but I have never actually seen any. So for all I know it’s all puffin propaganda propped up by the tourism industry.


Hey Nanna, 

Is it true that Icelanders eat the hearts of puffins raw when they catch them? I saw Gordon Ramsey do it on T.V but I’m curious whether it’s really a thing? 

Power Puffin Girl 

Hey Power Puffin Girl,

If it was on T.V then it must be true.



Dear Nanna, 

Why do Icelanders eat puffin? They are innocent and beautiful!

Save Puffin! 

Dear Save Puffin,

Why do we eat anything? My baby ate a rock today. Why? Who knows.

Perhaps Icelanders eat puffins because they are innocent and beautiful and people want to consume the puffins souls and life essences?

Perhaps they just think it makes for a marvellous stew?

Whatever the reason you must contend with your lack of control of other people’s lives and accept how little you and your opinions matter.



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Enough. Stop. Now.

Enough. Stop. Now.


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