From Iceland — Don't Ask Nanna: About Tinder In Iceland

Don’t Ask Nanna: About Tinder In Iceland

Published May 15, 2015

Don’t Ask Nanna: About Tinder In Iceland
Nanna Árnadóttir
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Hey Nanna,

 Is there Icelandic Tinder etiquette I should be aware of? Heading over for a stag do and want to know if there are any do’s or don’t’s I should be aware of?

 Wilde Thing

 p.s – are you on Tinder?

Hey Wilde Thing,

My advice was to not be a creep, but then I read the postscript and I just don’t know if you have it in you.

Swiping Left,


Dear Nanna,

Icelanders used to be so cool when they didn’t care about “celebs”. It was embarrassing to see all the fuss around Channing Tatum this week. What’s the deal, Nanna? This would never have happened 10 years ago.


Dear Diddi,

Ugh I know, we used to be so cool. I can’t believe that Iceland and Icelanders have been in any way influenced by popular culture and changed from what you remember us to have been like a decade ago.

I’m so cool and Icelandic I didn’t even know who Channing Tatum was! And I was way too busy not knowing who he was to get him to sign my 2006 original special edition Step Up t-shirt at the airport where I definitely had no idea he would be.

Stay Cool,


Dear Nanna,

I read that Iceland has promised to end the law that states Icelanders in the Westfjord’s are allowed to kill Basque people.

But as a Basque person, how do I know for sure that it’s safe for me to visit Iceland and specifically the Westfjord’s?


Euskal Herria

Dear Euskal,

I guess you don’t know for sure.

What were those travel dates again?



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Enough. Stop. Now.


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