From Iceland — Don't Ask Nanna: Advanced Icelandic, 3 More Words

Don’t Ask Nanna: Advanced Icelandic, 3 More Words

Published February 27, 2015

Don’t Ask Nanna: Advanced Icelandic, 3 More Words
Nanna Árnadóttir
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Dear Nanna,

Your video about speaking Icelandic in three words was interesting but very misleading. Try to think about the people who take it seriously, you have done them a disservice and embarrassed them when all they wanted was to speak to Icelandic people.

Thank you,

Think Before You Speak

Dear Think Before You Speak,

Perhaps the peoples will find my Advanced Icelandic lesson more academically relevant and useful?

Hi Nanna,

When I come over, do I need to exchange my USD ahead of time? Do a lot of places accept traveler’s checks? Or can I use the ATMs there? How do I pay for things? 

Penny Pincher

Dear Penny Pincher,

You can pay for things with money.


P.S – What the fuck is a traveller’s check? Actually don’t tell me. I don’t care.

Dear Nanna,

Do Icelanders just hate tourists? I felt like every time I read the news in Iceland last week someone was complaining about tourists being stupid and acting dangerously. Seems a little unfair to me.


Well-Behaved Visitor

Dear Well-Behaved Visitor,

Is it really unfair to judge a group of around a million people – in this case, the annual number of tourists to Iceland – on the actions of a handful of idiots who make bad life choices?

Didn’t think so.


Got a question for me about Iceland or need some bad life advice? Use the hashtag #DontAskNanna, tweet me on @NannaArnadottir or email nanna.arnadottir(at) and you might get an answer next Friday or not, whatever, I’m pretty busy eating pizza and massaging my cat’s butt.

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Enough. Stop. Now.


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