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Published June 23, 2010

The Jónsvaka Arts Festival (Downtown Reykjavík)

Bunch of young people making art and music? You gotta love that.
Kaffi Grand (Frakkastígur)

This place sells dirty beer done dirt-cheap. And mixed drinks. Really, really cheap. And still manages to be relatively nice. What a find, what a find.
Y’all tourists!

Boy, summer is so fun in Reykjavík! There is no shortage of fun and interesting new people to converse with, to drink with and to argue about whaling with. Come one, come all!
Our new Mayor!

Jón Gnarr is now mayor of Reykjavík. This is very cool, and offers a glimmer of hope. Here’s wishing that he does an admirable job, so we can all admire him.
The new Iceland Airw
aves team

Already they’ve announced a buncha sweet bands, like jj. And Hercules & Love Affair. And The Antlers. Good work, new team!
Boston (Laugavegur)

The beer is too expensive, but there’s something just right about it when the mood strikes.

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