From Iceland — Start Your Engines

Start Your Engines

Published September 12, 2008

Start Your Engines

The second conference of its kind, Driving Sustainability will bring together some of the most high level and powerful minds in science and technology from around the world.  They’re meeting in Reykjavík to confront the serious and immediate international issues of depleting fossil fuels and the future of transportation.
    The three-day summit will offer seminars on groundbreaking tools that will jet us forward into the dawn of a green day, and you’re invited.
    Iceland is the ideal place to hold this summit, not only because it holds a treasure trove of renewable energy but, as managing partner Teitur Þorkelsson says, “Icelanders are early adapters and we love technology.”
    If you think it’s going to be boring, think again. There will be high-tech innovations that would make James Bond jealous, speakers who are out of this world, and a glimpse into a sustainably bright tomorrow. The star-studded list of attractions include an opening address from Iceland’s President, a look at plans for a solar powered plane that can fly around the globe, and a visit from the man behind the fastest electric motorcycle on the planet.    

That Magnificent Man
and His Flying Machine

Bertrand Piccard, world famous astronaut and the first man to ever circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon, is scheduled to be the first keynote speaker.  He will discuss Solar Impulse, a project that is underway to build a plane that is propelled by solar energy and can stay in the air for days at a time while producing no pollution.  

Enter, The Killacycle
If you think of dinky golf carts and powerless compacts when you think of electric vehicles, Bill Dubé, creator of the world’s fastest electric motor cycle, has a surprise for you. No one, from the speed junkies to the mechanically curious, will want to miss Bill’s design of high-performance electric vehicles.  And while there has been no confirmation, the Killacycle itself might make special appearance on the only drag strip in Iceland.      

Invasion of the Electric Cars
Director of the blockbuster documentary Who Killed the Electric Car, Chris Paine, will share his talent of taking titbits of news and turning them into stories people actually care about. “We made that first movie a murder mystery and for this next film we’re going to try and make a monster movie. I’ll talk a little bit about keeping things fun because if the environment and going green is a drag, people can tune out.”

Thursday 18, September
9:05 Opening Address from
Olafur Ragnar Grimsson
9:50 Bertrand Piccard
14:00 Bill Dubé
Friday 19, September
9:15 Ted Miller, Senior Manager
at Ford Motor Company
12:15 Sven Thesen, Director of A Better Place
Saturday 20, September
Screening of Who Killed the Electric Car followed by Q&A with Chris Paine
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  • WHEN 18, 19 and 20 September
  • WHERE Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, Suðurlandsbraut 2, 108 Reykjavik
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