From Iceland — The Cozy Campers Christmas Game - Win a trip to Iceland!

The Cozy Campers Christmas Game – Win a trip to Iceland!


Published December 13, 2019

Do you like free stuff? Is a trip to Iceland on your bucket list? 

You’re in luck because Cozy Campers camper rental in Iceland is hosting a fun little Christmas game! The winner can invite one person with him to Iceland, and they will be set up for a tremendous 5-day adventure:

  • Flights for two to Iceland from any city Icelandair flies directly from
  • VIP pickup from the airport
  • A seriously Cozy camper for the whole 5 days. It’s one beast of a camper: the PREMIUM 4×4 version with all the extra accessories and equipment! 
  • Tickets to the Blue lagoon

You can choose any date you want before July 1st 2020. If you choose to come during winter, your camper will be fully equipped for winter camping. It has quality snow tires and an excellent heating system that’ll keep you toasty! 

The camper also has a sofa that turns into a bed in two seconds flat, plus a super-nice lighting system that sets the mood in any color you want. 

Along with the double charging heating system, you’ll have top quality goose down duvet to snuggle under. To top it off, you get all the extra stuff like 4G WiFi, towels, BBQ grill, coffee maker and anything else you can find on the extras page

Participating is very simple. Just go to the Cozy Campers website, take a look around the site, and try to find the owner, Mr. B, in cartoon-form. Don’t worry, he’s not easily missed. When you see him, simply click on him and write your info so you’ll be eligible. 

The game starts on December 9th, and the winner will be randomly chosen on December 24rd by Mr. B himself!

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