From Iceland — The Icelandic Coupons App: Saving Your Trip, Your Wallet, And Your Life

The Icelandic Coupons App: Saving Your Trip, Your Wallet, And Your Life

The Icelandic Coupons App: Saving Your Trip, Your Wallet, And Your Life

Hannah Jane Cohen
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Published February 1, 2019

Just about a year ago, my visit to Iceland was saved thanks to the work of Icelandic Coupons. This year though, the company has upped the ante with the release of their new Icelandic Coupons App. For only $9.99 (~1,200 ISK)—which you pay after downloading—you get access to more than 100 discounts around the city.

The app works a bit differently than the Icelandic Coupons book—you’re basically buying a membership, where you can use as many of the discounts as you want as many times as you want. That said, you also get 10 to 15 coupons for free after downloading to try the app out. While normally, I’d hate to be a member of any club that would have me, this one is clearly too good to ignore.

Suddenly, I’m a new tourist to Reykjavík, ready to experience the city with help from my trusty app. What will I get up to? Where will I go? How much will I save? I begin my day with hope, cheerfulness, and a readiness to be thrifty.


While Solon is known for their burgers and delicious soup, they’ve also got a fantastic weekend brunch, or at least that’s what my flight attendant told me. I grab an eggs Benedikt with salmon for 2,690 ISK with a 590 ISK cappuccino. Or at least, that’s the listed price. Me, I pay only 2,152 ISK for the eggs as the Icelandic Coupons App offers 20% off food. Sitting near the window, I take advantage of Solon’s prime locations and watch the early morning happenings of the city.

Feldur Verkstæði

It’s a brisk Reykjavík morning, and as I leave Solon, I realise that my light denim jacket perhaps wasn’t the best choice. While I look stylish, yes, I am also close to hypothermia. No, this certainly won’t do. I don’t have international health insurance.The Icelandic Coupons App though, offers 15% off accessories at Feldur Verkstæði, Reykjavík’s premiere fur outlet. Normally, I’d consider fur far too luxurious a product for my pocket, but with a discount, this might be a souvenir to remember for a lifetime.
The store is warm and cosy when I walk in. I ooh and aah at the jackets and vests, but it’s a white knit rabbit scarf that catches my eye. It’s normally 16,900 ISK, but I get it for 14,365 ISK. Watch out Reykjavík, a stylish lady has arrived.


Just up the street from Feldur Verkstæði is the Yoyo frozen yoghurt shop. It’s chilly outside, but in true Icelandic fashion, I take that as a sign to eat ice cream. Their list of flavours is extensive, but I choose good ole’ vanilla and load it up. Who doesn’t like toppings? With 20%, my ice cream is quite cheap.Sitting down, I Instagram it, and combined with the mirror selfie from Feldur Verkstæði, I am raking in the likes. Eating ice cream in the morning—I could get used to this.

Reykjavík Sailors

It’s time for my first excursion. The Icelandic Coupons App offers 15% off at Reykjavík Sailors, so I take this as God telling me to meet some whales. The tour is originally 9,900 ISK, but, for me, it is 8,415 ISK. As I board, I look at the rest of my boat. What fools! My discount from this one transaction already paid for the price of the app!From minke, humpback and killer whales to white beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises, I am astounded by the creatures I see only a short distance from the city. It’s truly awe-inspiring, and my knowledgeable guide completes that with facts and figures about the mammals. That said, she has no idea I binge-watched ‘Planet Earth’ only yesterday, so really, I’m kind of an expert.

Laugar Spa

Totally knackered after my trip, I need some pampering. Hey—what else is a girl to do on holiday? Spas are definitely something I usually can’t afford, but the Icelandic Coupons App offers a 2 for 1 at Laugar Spa. Normally a one day pass is 5,490 ISK, but if I find a buddy to take with me, it’ll only be 2,245 each. What a steal! Kind of feels like we’re robbing them, right?I quickly grab someone from my sailing trip and explain. We head over and soak in the hot pools, sweat the in the saunas, and overall, just feel like a celebrity. Aah, vacation!

Bryggjan Brugghús

While I am already happy, there is one thing that could make me a little happier, and that’s the combination of the word happy with hour. I realise that it’s currently happy hour at Bryggjan Brugghús and that the Icelandic Coupons App offers 20% off food there. Wow! Could this be fate? I grab their house beer for 600 ISK and complete that with some fish n’chips for 3,650 ISK, but with the discount, I pay only 2,920 ISK for the fish. Yum. This microbrewery sure knows what it’s doing.


Downing the last of my beer, I grab my stuff and quickly jump over to Miami, a new arrival on the Reykjavík scene that’s completely changed the game on Icelandic cocktails. With a gorgeous 1980s Miami Vice aesthetic, their selection is a standout in the thriving Reykjavík bar scene. Luckily, the Icelandic Coupons App offers two for one on their classic cocktails. Reading a cocktail review, I decide to go for the Cuba Libre and the Sex On The Beach.The Cuba Libre is originally 1,800 ISK, while the Sex On The Beach is 2,600 ISK. Both are complex, succulent, and truly delicious. I pay just 2,600 ISK, feeling like a thrifty superstar.

The Irishman Pub

Afterwards, it’s time for some partying, so I head over to The Irishman Pub. There, I get one Kronenbourg Blanc for 1,200 ISK, or at least, that’s what I would pay if I didn’t have the Icelandic Coupon App’s 2 for 1 deal. For me, I get two beers for 1,200 ISK.

As I get drunk, I go online and email a real estate agent. Somewhat unethically, they let me buy a house in Hafnarfjörður over WhatsApp. Then, someone offers me a job, though I don’t remember what it is. I accept.

At this moment, I realise Reykjavík is my new home. While it’s scary, my subscription to the Icelandic Coupons App lasts a year, so I’ll have 12 more months to enjoy these fantastic deals. Laugar Spa, I’ll be there daily. Whale Museum? Catch me each Saturday. Bruggjan Brugghús? You best get ready for a new regular! Woohoo!

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