From Iceland — Icewear Fancies: Dagur Lauzon Þorfinnsson

Icewear Fancies: Dagur Lauzon Þorfinnsson

Icewear Fancies: Dagur Lauzon Þorfinnsson

Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Published December 27, 2018

Fancies is a Grapevine series where we highlight an individual with supreme style.
This time, we’ve teamed up with Icewear to show off some of their best wares. 

the look

We sent Dagur Lauzon Þorfinnsson to Icewear HQ to pick out some pieces he loves and show us how he’d style them.

Dagur is wearing:

  • Wool sweater
  • Alexandre Mattiussi Jeans
  • Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers
  • Gucci Glasses


style q&a

Why did you choose these two pieces? The colours. Red and black is a nice combination and I think it goes well with these pants. Red and blue—like the colours of the Iceland flag, actually.

It’s a good sweater for the winter. It’s really warm. Definitely made for outdoors.

What else would you wear it with? Black jeans or Adidas track pants or something like that. That’d be perfect. I would not wear them with red pants, I think that’d just be a bit overkill.

Lusting after for winter: Permanent happiness.

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