From Iceland — On The Raven's Wings: Discover Norse Mythology

On The Raven’s Wings: Discover Norse Mythology

On The Raven’s Wings: Discover Norse Mythology

Photo by
Art Bicnick

Published July 11, 2018

Mythology-inspired shop Thor isn’t exactly easy to miss as you walk down Reykjavík’s main street. Its gigantic statue of hammer-wielding God Þór crushing an even bigger stone giant inevitably draws plenty of ‘oh’ and ‘wow’ from every passer-by.

The mind behind the eclectic space inside Thor shop is artist and designer Hans Alan Tómasson. A Norse mythology and Ásatrú aficionado, Hans has drawn every corner of the shop, sourcing materials from the Icelandic countryside and drawing inspiration from the very stories and legends he’s passionate about. He was assigned to this project by Icelandic creative company Irma Studio, whose designers oversaw the creation of the shops’ interiors.

But while Thor does sell a plethora of eclectic souvenirs for tourists, it also firmly distances itself from the undistinguishable mass of puffin stores in downtown Reykjavík. The result is a stunning space entirely decorated with panels of Icelandic wood coming straight from Þjórsardalur. Every detail of the space has been carefully pondered over and is mostly handmade, with every element derived from Norse mythology, from the Valkyrie’s metal-beak ravens to the wolves Sköll and Hati chasing the Sun and the Moon.

Although Þór’s statue is the most striking, Hans’s favourite seems to be Freyja’s. “She’s Óðinn’s wife and the Goddess of fertility,” Hans explains. “But for this particular purpose I imagined her in her falcon mode.” Freyja’s bust slides out of the panelled walls with elegance, two arched wings framing her beautiful figure with a cascade of black and white feathers. “That’s her falcon cloak,” Hans says. “She can take that whenever she needs and turn into a falcon. I also wanted to draw her with her a necklace that is very precious to her,” he adds as he point to the intricate jewel at Freyja’s neck.

Lush furs as soft as Freyja’s cloak are widely available in Thor, in coal black or pristine white. From collars and hair bands as soft as a cloud to a beautiful variety of throws, the difficulty mostly lies in choosing what fits you best. If you want to be protected by the elements at all times while being as elegant as the famously fashion-forward ladies of Iceland, these chic pieces of Icelandic design at Thor are definitely the way to do it.


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